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  1. Hallo, I explored your File with C4D, and the good news are: Yes they can! But it has to be done by Nemetschek, there is a Option in the Backlight Shader called Shadow Intensity that on default is on 60%. If we get this Option also inside of VW, we can set it 100% and the result is as extpected. In the current Version this Option is not available. See C4D Screenshots attached. (Sorry for the German :-)) Besides That: I like the Way Goboes are Exported from VW to C4D. Nice little Gobo-Plate in Front of the Lightsource. Like in life. wunderbar simple! Horst M.
  2. Hi Andi, There is a missunderstanding in your post. The VW Line Render Modes (Hidden line and Dashed Hidden Line) are still Parts of Vectorworks, thats the Reason, why they don't use all CPU's. The "Artistic" labeled Render Modes Modes are done by C4d, and use all CPU's, as you saw. regards Horst M.
  3. Hallo, Does anybody know, if it is possible to use the Demoversion of VW2012 even if I already have VW2012 installed registered? I have to travel, and want to use VW, but I don't want ot take my Dongle. I'm afraid to cause Chaos if I just try it. regards Horst M.
  4. Hallo, I'm not an Architekt, and rarely work (or is it fight ?) with the Stair tool(s) and I'm shure I'm missing something important. But the Result looks so close, that it makes me wonder whats wrong? Horst M.
  5. Hallo, You can export your Files as 3ds and/or dwg. Maya can open these Formats. I know people who do their Construction Work (mostley 2d) for Events in Autocad, and then model and animate (most of the 3D work) in Maya. Websearch with interesting result: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sota/IT_tutorial_web_site/vectorworks/eamesChair_project/vectorworks_Eames_Chair_Project.htm But as you have your Model all-ready, check out which Format works best for the work that has to be done in Maya Horst M.
  6. A while ago Jonathan Pickup found something that could be helpfull: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=137976&Searchpage=7&Main=28288&Words=michaelk+%2B+crop&Search=true#Post137976
  7. Sorry J?rgen for not pointing you to this solution. I confess, I got lost manipulating the Sketch Style(s) in Cinema4D, and forgot completely the major Target: That you have to get your work done.... Glad you found it yourself. Horst M.
  8. Hallo Dave, See the Dokument attached. Sorry for the German. I could reset C4D to English if you don't come along with the Sketch attached. The Lines that J?rgen was missing appear when I check Kanten(Phong) eng.: Edges(phong). If I check Kanten Eng.: Edges, I get diagonal Lines in the CubeSurfaces. I didn't explore that further. The 2nd and 3rd modification are made to get edges drawn, that are created by intersecting Objects. (The same thing as Good old Line render Problem in VW). Regards Horst M.
  9. Hallo J?rgen, I rekon, that you used the Cartoon Render Mode for the Pictures. I've tried with a Sample File, and got the same results as you. Then I exported the File to C4d, The first Renders with C4d looked the same as in VW. Then I modified the Cartoon Sketch Style, so that the missing edges are shown. Unfortunately these modification can't be done in VW, because these settings are not available inside of VW. I could try to render the Image for you in C4d. ... or somebody at Nemetschek modifies the Settings inside the sketch_styles and publishes them.... ;-) regards Horst M.
  10. It is possible to adjust the texture with the Horizontal and Vertical offset under the Render Tag in the OIP. ... by typing in Numbers. The one under the Roof in the image attached, in did with try and error. Whenever you change something in the Wall or the Roof the alignment has to be redone. It was much easier, to uncheck create "Gable Walls" in the Roof PIO, and then align the Wall to the Roof. Then it there is just one Wall under the Gable, and the alignment Problem doesn't exist.
  11. Grant, thanks for your generous offer. What I was trying to do is, to animate the Sunlight that comes into a Venue for a certain date and time. The Venue has a lot of Windows and Glass, and for some Projects, it would be good to know in advance, how Daylight comes and goes into that Space. The Daylight fadeout timing in the Sundown is of important interest for Video supported Events. The first tests with the Heliodon and the Sample file above were very promising. Now that I know that it could work, the bigger Part of the Job is to Model the Venue: A Memorial from 1900 with lot of very detailed Steel structure. My experience with 3D Models is, that it needs a certain depth of detailing to create renderings that are helpful for decisions. Once I have the Model in a sufficient way, I will render the Animation it with (my own) ;-) C4D, but inside of Vectorworks it would have been very smart, and I could have checked the result more iterative during the Modeling, and it would have been easier to "feed" nervous Colleagues with some Top Secret preliminaries. Regards Horst M.
  12. Hallo Dave. Thanks for the investigation and the confirmation. Soooo close...
  13. Hallo, I:ve tried to use the Heliodon Tool to animate the SunLighting in a Place during a day. I rendered the Camera View with Custom RW, set all options Low, and the indirect Lighting to 1 Bounce for testing. If I chose the Camera view for the Solar animation, and Export a Quicktime, The indirect lighting seems to calculated, but the result is not exported to the Movie. I get just the direct lighting through the WIndows. Is it a Bug, or am I missing something. VW Samplefile attached. (please change .txt to .zip for unpacking after download) Thanks
  14. just guessing: DId you scale an object and by chance check "Scale entire drawing"? or switch Units to microns?
  15. Thanks Tamsin. Still don't have an idea how that works, But nice for those who need it. :-)
  16. No. The Reg. Poly Tool is cool. The one I found is under the Polygon tool in the Basic Toolset of VW Designer Workspace
  17. I just discovered the Triangle tool. very striking modes of creation is anybody out there using it? Just curious
  18. Hallo, I'm sometimes fighting with a very Basic Snapping inconvenience which hopefully has an easy solution, that I just don't see. If I have Class lets say "Symbolclass", and place some Symbols there, that have the Elements on a other Class "Obejts-in-Symbol_Class", These Symbols can't be selected to be moved on an other Point than the "insertion Point" if I have the Class Options set to "Show/Snap others" and Have the "Symbolclass" acitvated, the Snap Points of the Objects inside the Symbol are still detected and shown, but can't be used for selecting. This is not very helpfull, If you have to select an Symbol (that sits on top of other Objects in other Classes) to move it to specific point. The only way then is, to set the Class Options to "Show/Snap/Modify others" which leads to wrong selctions... I hope the explanation is not written too complicated, and somebody has a smart solution.... Horst M.
  19. Try to export 2012--->2011--->2010. In most Cases that does the trick, and keeps all the geometry.
  20. or Hopefully something I make wrong... SInce an hour I have the Problem, with VW2012, that The OIP doesn't show the Object that is selected. I can select objects, they get highlighted, but the OIP say nothing selcted. Closing and restarting VW brings the correct behaviour back, but just for a couple of Klicks. Yesterday I updated to SP1 Build 1490062.. Quick help would be appreciated...
  21. could be, the jpegs have something like 4000by1500 Pixels, but just 700kB each so you expect pdf Print to "print" every Pixel of the ImageFiles? Sonds Like an explanation. The image width is 4000 for 17cm / 7" so the OSX pdf Printer prints the images to the pdf File with 570 dpi no matter what dpi Resolution is set for the sheet layer.... ? I'm glad pdf Export is smarter.
  22. Hi, today i made an interesting revelation related to pdf export or Printing. I wanted to mark some things in 2 Fotos. I thought the easiest for me to do that is VW! I imported the 2 Fotos (700kB each) scaled them to fit the Page, drew a couple of Lines with Arrow typed some Texts, and Printed the result as pdf with OS X with 72 dpi. The Surprise: the resulting file had 42MB! ) Not so easy to Mail.... I tried to make a Sheet Layer with 72dpi but got exactly the same result while printing as pdf with OS X. 42MB The FileSize didn't change no matter what dpi Resolution I choose.... Then I tried pdf Export and got releiving 1.7MB. Horst M.
  23. Thats live :-) switch the light on inside. and don't forget to paint the walls white. or give the glazing something white to reflect. Like a white Wall behind the Camera could help... at least in Theory. ... or change the Texture of the Glazing Class to plain White. (which is a too simple Trick ) good luck. Horst M.
  24. .... therefore VW has a Batch convert Command
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