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  1. Hi, I can't figure out how and where do I set that Loci get printed? Feeling like a complete beginner... Thank for your Help in advance.
  2. I agree; I also doubt that this is Mointor issue. checked it in C4D directly,and get also all Black pixels with a Fotometric Lightsource on 900 Lumens. Not even a shadow in the darkness. (Histogramm in Photoshop showing all Pixels on 0). In the C4D Manual, I found something about setting the Lightsource to Inverse quadratic (physically Correct), if there are real Bulbs involved. Even then, I just get black Pixels. A 60W Bulb/900 Lumen in 4m by 5m, 2.5m high Room should definitely show a serious Illumination, specially if there is term like "physically correct" involved in the Setting of the Lightsource, and I can type in Lumen or Candela Values, as Mathematically and Physically precise described Items. To get some Light visible without increasing the Lumens to insane Values, I had to add a Gradient. (Screenshot attached). ?? Over all, I didn't get it down to clue, but it doesn't behave the way I would expect it.
  3. I had seen something like that (a while ago...), after manually placing the "Export to previous Versions" in a Workspace. I had to delete the Items to get rid of it. I tried now again with VW2012/SP2 and didn't get the Warning WIndow, just nothing happend when I select the manually added Menu Item " Export to VW 2011.."
  4. Thanks Dave for answering. I did some further research. While I did it first, I was kind of in a rush, to get the Papers out. Also. The seating was originally made with the seating layout tool, and the VW Libraries Folding Chair. Anyway. If the whole seating is made of Null Objects for every Chair each filled with the Chair Geometry, they are "just" 46MB (File 01... to FIle 02... of attachment) The curtains are no Problem (300kB), but the Trusses made with the VW Truss tool and copied several times made 440MB! (File 03... to FIle 04... of attachment) After that I modified the components in the VW FIle. 1. Made of one Truss, each lenght as Symbol and copied these several times, as before. (--> File 05... of attachment; after export: 138MB) 2. Made the Seating layout new with the same Chair Symbol (--> FIle 06... of attachment; after export: 92MB) not too bad, and way more handy. Now all the Seats in the Seating layout Object are instances. :-) --> With the Axis already inside the Component! Like that. The Problem is, that Flipping Symbols with the Mirrortool or rotating them is a very important. (round seating; Projectors on a Circular Truss) and I would like to have rotated and mirrored Symbols as as well as Instances, and not being forced to make extra Symbols. I hope that will come soon. Regards Horst M.
  5. The Tile shader somehow don't work with Input Values less than 1% and if they accept, it doesn't change a lot. In the "Bevel width, values below 0,5% are set to 0, and the gout disappears. The Example show the smallest gout i could Produce with the shaders. I was expecting it smaller, like 2% of 1200mm= 24mm due to Tamsins previous Post.
  6. Those Export plugins can be found on the maxon plugin Website: http://www.maxon.net/de/downloads/updates/plugins.html You can try if they work with VW10 but I doubt, that C8XL will open the produced FIles. C4d is very Version picky. On which Computer-OS are you running that software? regards Horst M.
  7. Ha! I had a chat with that beauty today, and found the following: - the Spaceobjects updates the number of decimal places in the Label, according to the Settings in the Document Setup if I change also the Rounding Base Setting in the Dimension setup. If I edit the Space Label through the settings, (For example from "Space Number" to "Space Name") just the selected Space gets updated! To update all the Spaces with the same Label, I had to select them, and uncheck and again check "Show Space Label" in the OIP. And thanks Bill, your question came in the right Moment and lead me to a Way of getting rid of the annoying "sq m" for m? ! Horst M.
  8. Hi, today I was working on a relatively Simple Stage Layout for a Conceptual Disussion. ---> a few Curtains, Seating Layout, some Booms, a couple of Trusses. and some Space Objects to show what would be cool to have for a Studiostage. And besides the headache the Space tool was giving me, it went quite fluent The VW File is ? 14MB Then I exported the File to C4D ==> the resulting C4D File is ? 500MB!!!!. That made the Manipulation even in C4D very bulky. I mean with a lot of patience while trying to find the right view I got some simple renders done. Is there a Way to avoid, that Symbols are converted to Groups instead of instances? The way the Conversion is now, only the Chairs are ~100MB I wish this gets some serious improvement. Symbols should be Converted to one Parent Group and Instances with the correct position. I f have the vague idea, that this has something to do with Objects Origins in VW and how they are exported to C4D, because when they come from VW all the Object origins are on 0,0,0 but the object components are on their correct Position in the Model. Will this be changed in the Future, or is it due to some "deep in the System(s) Filestructure missmatch" so that we have to live with that? Sometimes VW Symbols are represented by C4D instances, but unfortunately they are not put on the C4D Layer, so i can't switch them of by the Layer Tool in C4D. Will this be changed, or is it for some reason that I don't see? Horst M.
  9. Since RenderStyles all the settings are in one Place. If you use A Resndestyle once, a Copy is placed in the resource Browser of your File. Just rename it, or duplicate it with a new name, and Edit the new RWStyle from the Resourcebrowser. screenshot attached. Video:
  10. Hi Carl, I would suggest, that you start with the Relistic Final ... Renderstyle, and then you change the Settings in the Lighting options, and save the result as your own Renderstyle. Because, the you can kind of downgrade the settings for the GI. While experimenting it makes sense to reduce Geometry rendering, indirect lighting to low, and dissable the "blur" rendering. Horst M.
  11. Yes it is. The Tile shader has a lot of possibilities also for Vertical and horizontal Strutures.
  12. Nice result!. I always try to use shaders before i use image textures. I would like to ask one question: Christiaan, how did you get this corner Windows built? I tried something like that, wiht a Mullion on the Corner edge with no sucess.
  13. Have a Theory: The SIze on the Main WIndow is the SIze of the repeated Pattern The SIzes in in the Shader window are multiplied with the Scalefactor and generate the Pattern in the SIze given above to be repeated.... I will explore that later.
  14. Hi, I've played arround with your File. The mush shows only in Open GL. FRW FQRW and so on show the Texture. I adjusted the texture. I have no clear idea why the Shader has a - Size field on the Main window, a - Scale Factor (%) on the Shader WIndow of the and again - input Fields for Brick Sizes. I adjusted the Texture by editing all those fields kind of randomly. The Size Input field on the Texture is somehow monitored by the Plugin if the Input makes sense .... ???? I would appreciate a clarification from the Nemetschek Maxon Team how these Fields work together.
  15. DId you get the mush from the Shaders? :confused:
  16. You could also check out if the Shaders --> Tiles --> Option "Brick" can do something for you.
  17. The Testfile. ... and a Screenshot of a cabinet inside a Flat, that i recently modeled. Its rendered with a Renderworks Style Realistic Interior Final, and just one light source outside the window.
  18. Hi Kizza, AHA, thats it. I did a little trick with the top. Seems like your model is too perfect. If you have not even a miron of space, or a 0.1mm fillet or tiny jointgap between the Top and the sides there is no space for light and shadow. Also: The doors of a real Cabinet have a (may be extremely small) Gap to the Cabinet Box. This gap can cause Shadow and make a line become vislible. Yes, you are right, Renderworks2012 is powerful, there is getting Started Tutorial from Dave Donley. http://www.vectorworks.net/training/free_resource.php. I post you the example File tomorrow, don't have acess to it now.
  19. I'm sorry I don't really have an idea, what you trying ot achieve. But i forgot in my previouis post, that the backlight shader, you used in your texture may not help you very much in this case. I t is made to transport the light, through a Objekt, if the Spot is behind. Example of Usage is here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=165457#Post165457
  20. Hi, You could add a Fill Light with shadows turned of to brighten up the Surface of the cabinet. To make the reflektion visible you need something to be refelcted in the doors for example, could be another lightsource shining towards the frontdoors. Extensively used in car photography If you have just this cabinet with no world arround it, and you want to present it nicely, you should make a little Studio setup curved backwall-floor Object, with keylight (the one you alredy put) , Fill-, and Backlight. (aka 3 point lighting) The next level after that is HDRI (aka indirect lighting) very pretty results. (after a while of experimenting ....) To get the surfaces whiter, the easiest way is to photoshop the rendered image. But the you need a Background other than white. Check out artistic white mode. So many possibilities.. :-)
  21. Hallo Dave, Coming to monadnoc's question: If you change the Shadow intensity (or make it available ;-), it would eventually be good to give us Control over the intensity of the Backlight effect by setting the brightness to control the brightness inside the shader. The one on top seems to have no effect. This makes sense, if we use the Backlight-shader to illuminate the Scene by using Global Illumination aka VW Indirect Lighting. The Value seems to be kind of multiplied with the brightness of the Light source. Attached on image from a Test-file for a texture of satianted Plexi backlit from a Circle Fluorescent Light. Horst M.
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