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  1. Hi Carl, SInce 12.5 there are mayor of Core changes, specially Parasolids and the Renderer. Specially Fillets caused a lot of trouble before Parasolids. Even now, it is not nice, that just the last Fillet can be undone. I had one pre Parasolid Symbol with a lot of complicated Filets that could be saved by migration it Version by Version. I can offer you to try to convert your Table, as I have even 12.5 on an old Powerbook Titanium that still works on my Stereo serving Itunes. If you like Post a Version 12.5 of the Symbol here, or send it to me by mail. regards Horst M.
  2. Surprising find you made. The Stage Object, converts to a Floor Object !, further converted it becomes 3D Polygons and looses all the textures. ... o mann Thanks for sharing your workflow. I use mostly Symbols for that with 2d and 3d Component. Over the time, I made Symbols for Stage Elements, with simple 2D Parts, and relatively realistic 3D Parts. If I built a Stage with them, I have a good 3D layout, and for the 2D Rep, I put a Marley or Carpet Floor Object (Ya, I use this PIO) on Top, which is normally needed anyway I didn't find It useful, to have Elements represented by a too simple 3D Approximations. Renderings with such look like made of Building Blocks, which i find not so interesting, and helpful. And I don't need to hunt workarrounds for PIO effects.
  3. Hi Brian. I thought the Workarround would be to export in a 3D View? If just 2D is used, why make it a Stage object at all, and not just leave it a Polygon. I hardly see an advantage of th Stage object anyway, its an extrude, with selction window for the top and the Rest. just curious, May be there are hidden treasures :-)
  4. The reimport works also. I mean just for the geometry textures and Solids are lost, but that's normal for the process ... I think. The Stage(s) reimort as a couple of 3D Polygons. Will try now on my Laptop as well. (different OS) Same Situation with OSX10.6 and OX10.5 Tried also Export from ACAD2004 to ACAD2012 wihtout Problems. The Geometry comes back after reimport as a Bunch of 3D Polygons. Strange. What else could cause the Problem? Reread your recent request. Yep. Your Guess was right, Export in Top/Plan View ignores the Stage Object, and produces an empty dwg File.
  5. A Quick check with my Office Computer and Draftsight shows an exported Block with the Shape of the Stage Object. Tried both ways , Men? Comand Create Stage, and from the Spotlight Tool set
  6. Ja. I too feel, that all is completely right, like the Subject line of Chris D's recent Post. (#168746 ) The Problems is that we would not think so much how things could be done better, if not every PIO would look different from the other. My biggest Problem with VW is, that I can't get used to it, because once I think I've understood a Concept or a PIO, I stumble across inconsistencies, bugs, half ways implemented Solutions, and loose days of work time thinking about workarounds. Due to this I never feel save with VW. Today something works, tomorrow I can run into some puzzling behavior trying the same things. But, on the other hand, even with all these frightening ingredients and behavior, I get Stuff done, specially with 3D Modeling and rendering, that would just take more Engineering and people to be realized, than just me, and that I couldn't do without VW. Most of my Colleagues are on AutoCad, but they are not happier, and not half as far with 3D modeling than I'm with VW. Horst M.
  7. There was a Thread anout that issue. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=31511&Number=154947#Post154947 Mike M Oz was in Comunication with Nemetschek about that issue. The conclusion was, that it seemed to be an ATI Graphics Driver Issue.
  8. I don't know about WYSiWYG From the Past, that Import and Export other Formats was the weak point W For the same Field, there is a ESP VIsion made to communicate directly with VW. http://www.espvision.com/ The Link VW to ESP Vision is working well, I've used ESP-Vison for a show with extremely short Production time, to prepare the whole Console Setup, and some Pre-Programming for Scenes. It is pretty cool to the Lights on Screen from the Lighting console...
  9. Looks like you are C4D ready. There are many Tags in Cinema that allow stuff like shadows of a ghost and other Tricks.
  10. I've seen that too (sigh), but just tried to not care. (Failed :-) I suspekt: This is some "2D Components in the Lightobject-Symbol have a Layerplane setting and get therefore somhow treated as 3D Ghosts" ged?ns.
  11. The only chance I see, is that someone converts the File it for you. to VW 2012 or 2011 and export it to Cinema 4d. You can send me a Mail if you like. I almost forgot: You can install the VW2012 Trial and for 30 days you can happyly use it!
  12. Hallo Christiaan, This image is done with "Realistic Interior Final" Renderstyle, and one dir. Lightsource (with soft shadows on Dave's request :-) outside lighting through the Window, to cause the Sunshine. Its fake, but very easy to make and to control.
  13. Hi Carl. LW =: Lightwright. Means Lighting Design converted to Excel-like sheets. I just can't stand it. If you tour in US, Its almost impossible to avoid running into it. Horst M. http://www.mckernon.com/_/Lightwright.html
  14. Tamsin, its definately not you who soiled something here. Actually you saved me time for further exporation of that effect, that I hoped was a bug. In the Help-File I found some notes about keeping geometriy simple because of render times and so on, but not a hint about the real issue We should know from the manual, that the Feature works only if the Geometry of the LightingDevice is a piece of an oven pipe, which at least look funny in renders. It doesn't seem too complicated, to take a second Locus. One for the Center of Lightsource and rotation, 2nd for the Direction of the Beam, or lets define a "Lens Object" in the PARTs Record, that could get a glow texture and show the Direction for the the Light beam.... At least I would recomend, that Symbols from the Stock Libraries like ADB shouldn't have the PARTs Record attaced, because now they have it, and if I use these Symbols, they "behave buggy", as decribed above. Anyway. Thanks a lot for your Help!
  15. Hallo Christian, I guess, that will change, if go to Prefences--> Display and set "DIsplay Lighting Objects" to "only in Wire Frame". Regards Horst M.
  16. Thanks for your answer Tamsin That's really hard to digest. It's not easy to be(come) an enthusiastic VW User. I try really hard.. But that's a tough one. Are Users left with a halfbaked solution on purpose, or is it a bug that we can hope will be fixed? Sigh. Horst M. (off to the Corner crying)
  17. Hallo, I ran into a Problem with Lighting Instruments, that have the PARTS Record attached, and therefore move the BODY towards the Beam of the Light. If the BODY is not symmetric around the Locus, that is used for Rotating and the Light source, the Beam of the Rendered Light goes way of the Beam that's shown Draw Beam. That's not only happening in Custom Light Sources, it's also effecting the whole ADB Library File. Sample File attached. I took a Library Projector, duplicated it and attached a Box to the Body, to show the effect. Ist there anything I can do, or am I missing something in the Setup o the Symbol?
  18. Thumbs up Pat, thats way more reasonable than may answer.
  19. Sounds like a Monitor Graphicscard issue. But then the Circle shouldn't be round also before you extrude it. Post an example please. If you klick switch to Full reply screen, you come to a input window that also has a Filemanager. Horst M.
  20. Thanks Ian for the effort, but on OS X I just can't get it. It looks like a mismatch between OSX and the Interface(s) in VW. normally, i can get every letter from the Sign palette of the OS. but in the Units interface that is not working, no clue why. The (Units) Interface of VW just allows letters, that can be typed throught the keybord, and there is no ? on the Keyboard, I tried every Shift - ctrl - alt combination. I tried also Copy and Paste, but that also doesn't work. the ? is either transformed to something else or VW Crashes. may be so other OSX User knows a way. (.... to the next Whisky bar) Regards Horst M.
  21. I fought, and fight, with this "sq m" also. I just didn't manage to get m? typed or pasted in Worksheets or the Custom Input Fields of the Units Interface. It would be nice, if you can show how you did that My workarround to get rid of the freaky "sq m" (at least in the Space Objects) is, to set the Units for Areas to Custom, leave the Input Field empty, and add m? in the correct Place of the related Space-Label Symbol
  22. Horst M.

    PC or Mac

    I'm also on Mac, and during the 13 Yeas I invested a lot in Software an Updates, and Hardware and I'm pleased with the reliability of the Hardware and the Productivity I get. But since Lion, and the Ipad-Iphone-App Hype I get frightened. There are more and more itches and glitches with Pro apps, the Roumor about giving up MACPRO, and the constant pressure of Apple to Upgrade the OS, first with the App store (to 10.6) , now with the iCloud (to 10.7), to save my Mail adress(es), that is distributed i so many places, because I expected it to be Future Stable and reliable, makes me feel uncomfortable. What happened with Quicktime (From 7 to 10) and other Apps makes me fear, that Livestyle and marketing is more valuable than a professionally relyable Product, and the Preservation of the Investment that USeres already made. Besides that, fears, it is the fact, that I still have less trouble with the OS and the Machine itself than all my Colleagues on Win7, and my Titanium is still in use with an Itunes library on the Stereo. And I had the same experience as others above, that equal Win Hardware is, if you find it, at least the same Price, mostly more expensive, than the Mac product.
  23. sorry, Posted an answer in the wrong thread...
  24. VW is sooo usefull. what you describe lead to the Roof of of the of the round "Chambre de Princesse"
  25. Ja. it looks like you are right. it seems that Loci just don't get printed. The ones I would like to see in my pdf's are in a Group within a Symbol. I can controll in which Displaymodes they are shown, but not that they can be rinted. So. I will have to replace them as you suggest. The fast (a little dirty) way was a Screenshot. Thanks. There's so much to learn, even if I wouldn't forget stuff... Sigh.
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