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  1. Hallo Michael, Thanks for the offer. I will mail a dropbox Link. It s too big for the forum. Its true what you write, if 2014 renders its fast. My Problem is that it most of the time doesn't! I did further tests, and VW is crashing in any Render Mode. The File gets exported to C4D fine. It renders easily in C4D. The Stage elements are modeled by me, The Chairs and Tables are 3DS imports. The Files are from the Rental Comp.
  2. Open GL Rendering in VW 2014 has become almost unusable for me. I'm currently working on a Event seating layout. VW 2013 Renders Open GL in approx. 1Min. VW 214 doesn't. Not even in Resolution set to low. I always get the Out of memory error. I have that issue with almost every File I'm creating. Open Gl Redering is important for me to view the Current State of the design. C4D and VW 2013 don't have that Problems. I don't see the Advantage of a fast render Engine, if this Works just with toy block geometry... I had a chat here about complicated geometry that causes this effect and so on. And for some Files I could get over the Problem by editing Symbolgeometry But its just not possible, to avoid complicated geometry. Or research every Symbol for Geometry that is inconvenient for Divaworks. (sorry ? please take it as a joke, sarkasm helps (me) to overcome Frustration :-) My experience with renderings is, that it is of absolute importance to have a reasonable detailing in the model, otherwise the rendered result causes Problematic expectations when shown to the Client. Is this Open GL problematic going to improve? Will we get rid of this frightening out of memory error? Or is that the way is is for now and the Future. And it would be of huge interest for me, to know if I'm the only one fighting with that The Files attached are Open GL's from VW 2013 The VW Filesize is approx. 70MB; Chairs and Tables are Symbols. . Regards Horst.
  3. Thanks Jim It worked. But Ups: It was a bit of a task, to find the Serial#?. SInce it is not on the DVD anymore. :-) And: Is there a way to avoid loosing all the Workspace editing that one did, and the List of Favorite Files in the Resource Browser while Resetting odd behavior of VW. or do i have to make a List of Notes about the changes that I make Regards, Horst
  4. Oh My ?. Its really hard with 2014. Since updating to SP2 the Smart Points don't acquire anymore. I tried everything? Even with new Files and just lines and Sqaures no chance I hope its just me being too stupid to set that right.
  5. Hallo, I tried to import the 3DS file attached. VW destroys the geometry on import. C4D does it as expected. ?. The real File extension is .zip To unzip change it back to .zip
  6. Hallo, I've checked "Simple 3D", and it is producing almost instant results, but also very very simple ?;-)? no pleats just a plane. I checked also the "Pipe and drape" and "border" Option. Pipe and drape is much faster creating pleats, Border is as slow as Curtain, but produces results, that I don't understand ? I checked the old curtain tool, that produces the Curtain with pleats way faster. than Soft goods. Regards Horst
  7. Hallo, I was using the soft goods tool, and found it almost unusable. Changing parameters is the OIP causes long delays. specially changing the "Pleat Width" needs like 10 seconds per meter of curtain to be executed. I tried that also on an complete new File with just the curtain in Besides that I see some of uncomfortable "misbehaviors" in the graphics while working. they are hard to describe or locate, but its things like Objects disappearing on certain zoom levels, while working in groups or symbols, Selection frames being misplaced until a zoom or pan is executed ? does anybody else see similar effects? Horst
  8. Hallo, I did a model with some simple Extrudes (pusch Pull tool), and viewed it in Open GL with Draw Edges enabled. The result doesn't show all edges. Anybody Eles seeing that? Image attached. Note: I wasn't shure if should post it here or in the "Renderworks" Forum. The Moderators may move the Topic.
  9. Like Michael, and Kevin, I stopped using Multiple Extrude years ago. The new Taper Face Command helps a lot to create Geometry in that Area. The new high responsive OpenGL-Engine in 2014 is not so tolerant with high Verticy Objects as the older was. I have a lot of Symbols that I migrate since Years, because its our Venues Stock Equipment. I'm now checking the ones I use for this overly complex Geometry. But in most elements that I created, I have an Idea which Part could be the one that Stops the open GL Rendering. Attached there is a Sample of a our Venues chair, that I created years ago. Its all modeled from scratch, no dwg import (like my recent mistake) The Problematic Element in this File was a Part of the chairs legs. The original extruded Element had 30 Vertices! Now. after some Version migrations the Polygon had 356 (!) Vertices. So, it was VW, itself, that changed the Original geometry to something unusefull complex... Luckily i still have the creation File, and could restore the Part of the Chair with less than 10% of the verticies. Now Open GL(low) is acceptable fast, and even the Flyover-Tool works OK with 1000 Chairs. :-) I'm very happy, that DaveD and JimW directed us to take a Look at these Elements, and gave some important Tips how to avoid such Geometry. I wish we get more insights, like this one, how the Softwares Core handles and Deals with Objects during Creation. I appreciate, that I know now, that the 3D-Conversion resolution has an effect how Geometry is created in VW I expected it is just a Display Option. I had no Idea, that the creation of sweeps (and Other objects?) is effected by that. I always had it on high, now i set it to medium, because i just can't stand it if a sweep gets faceted. May be its because i think, that I'm using CAD Software, and not a sketck software, and a round/sweept Element shouldn't have any Facets. May be something for the next round. I find it much easier to work in 2014 in 3D than it was before. Even Faceted sweeps don't take out the fun. Horst M.
  10. I vote for new VW-plugin that does the above asked memory usage monitoring Name could be: "Icrutch for Vectorworks" ;-) Well, Im really really happy with VW2014! I'm working on a complicated Set, and 2014 made working in 3D sooo much easier. There are (still) many glitches, but also many many steps forward in usability. But Its also high time, that memory usage Problems get sorted out. 16GB of Ram even in a Laptop is almost standard, And VW ---> above 2.5GB ? ... ach na ja: ist all said about that so often in this forum.
  11. For the Forum. The problem was basically caused by an Tapered Extrude that was based on Polygon with 1032 Vetricies. Luckly this Killergeometry it was in a Symbol. This Symbol is used 100+ times in the Modell The Original Polygon came from from a .dwg File ...... Shame on me, that after 10 Years of using VW, I still go in this Trapp I rebuilt the polygon --- > 18 Verticies! Result: Open GL even set to Hi, renders fine. The Model isn't easy. for 3D Software. Its very Detailed and has a lot of Geometry Thanks to Dave!
  12. Hi Dave. Thanks. I checked it a few times, the "out of Memory Message" shows above 1.4GB and the the Program stops rendering. ---> "switched back to wireframe" a second before that happens, VW2014 is marked red "the Program doesn't react". in the Activity Monitor VW2013 never goes above 600MB with the FIle in Open GL,low Rendering takes about 20 seconds If you like, I can dropbox the File. Regards Horst
  13. Hi, I just installed VW 2014, and the first Modell I opened produced right away the beloved "Out of memory" Message in open GL render ..... Open GL render set to low, no anti aliasing ...... VW2013 did the job. .... not shure what to say Sigh.
  14. Hi, There were several Threads with related themes. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=128419&page=1 Kevin McAllister posted some files there. Here is something from the Belgium VW Website http://videotraining.vectorworks.be/nl/video/52?type=29 good luck Horst
  15. Hallo, There are 2 places to change the Print Resolution. - one in the Document Preferences, - the other place is a dpi setting in the options for every Sheet - Layer which is on default set to 72. I run in that trap ...often... ;-)
  16. I request herewith an "I like it" Button for the Forum. ... I like it when software can be used to have fun, as well as getting work done. thanks for sharing! Horst M.
  17. ... even though, willofmain's recent post is sooo right, There is a lot of progress with a lot of benefit VW with C4D became for me a really helpfull Toolset to see what things might look like in advance. Even to check the right Setup of Lights. The Plan The Reality I hope ist not too sentimantal to share stuff like that... And whish all of you a Happy new Year of using VW
  18. Hallo, For something like a year I don't use a mouse anymore. I have a Desktop System with a 2 Screen Setup for VW. For this System I use a WACOM Bamboo Fun Pen medium. Thats Way faster and way more efficient than a Mouse. For my Laptop, (Single Screen) I use a Wacom Pen Touch wireless for drawing. (VW, C4D, Sketchbook Pro and....) It takes a while to organise the Keyboard - Tablet - Screens layout in a pysological usefull Way. I needed something like a Week to learn working with the tablett. But once you are through that, and once you have set up your Workspace propperly body, you will never miss a mouse, and have a lot of fun. Scratching that thing arround on the table is no longer necessary, nor healthy The Tablet command in VW is like many other Plugins from Stoneage, just delete it. Its not worth ... Regards Horst M.
  19. Hallo, I attach a File with Hybrid Symbols, that I originally made with the Chair and Table PIO. They come from a VW2012 File, that I edited with VW2013. When I try to mov the Table Symbols in 2d View, the Symbols jump around. When I move them in a 3D View, the jumping doesn't show. Any Idea, what causes that effect? Possibly a Bug? Horst M.
  20. Hallo J?rg, I' see that effect too, it happens on 2d Layerplane Objects in a Renderings. In the attached rendering I forgot to switch of the Gudes Class, that contains some 2D Objects, that I needed for Construction. The rendering with the piexation is a Renderworks Style "Exterior Final". The Lines render correctly in Final Quality RW Horst M. Its done in VW2013 Evaluation.
  21. The Full Screen Perspektive View is a real progress I haven't yet tried to model in Perspektive View, but for Viewing its nice.
  22. Thanks for the Wonderfull help. The Wall Components work fine. But as soon as I started with Wall Recess and Wall Projection Elements, the Disaster started. VW 2012 gets awfull slow, when using more than 5 Wall Projection Components. In The VW 2013 Eval. Version doesn't become slow, but the Wall Components get distroyed and the Wall Component with the Projected Element gets blown Miles(!) away from the Rest of the Wall. Very Frustrating.... Its Like Always. I spent 2 hours working on what I want to do, and since then 6 Hours of fighting with VW. No work done so far. Again: Thanks a lot for the profound Help!
  23. Hallo, I'm starting to model some Buildings, that we transformed to Venues. The Walls have a Lot of Pillar like structures, and also different thicknesses, in their sections. I would Like to us VW-Walls, to be able to use also Door PIOs and Window PIOs. Specially for the different thicknesses in the hight, I have no Idea how to deal with that. I was experimenting with stacking Walls, but then I can insert Doors and Windows just in one Part, and some doors and Windows are built in so tat they cut in 2 Wall Parts... Any Help or suggestion would be nice, I'm not an Architect, and I'm kind of stuck with that "Problem" Horst M.
  24. Hallo, May be its a stupid question, but I'm a bit afraid, to run into Problems with my current installation. Can I install, a VW 2013 Evaluation Version and a VW Designer 2012 Dongle License on the same Computer and User account, without Problems? Horst M.
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