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  1. Hi, I've tried with the Altman PAR (MFL) I had to assign a Focus Point to get the Light, and then I relised, that the Spot didn't hit tis Focus Point... I had to check the draw Beam Option, and the Spot moved to the correct Postion. The Potion of the Spot stayed there, even if I unchecked the Drawbeamoption.. Strange. or not?
  2. Hallo, Do you want to do something like the image attached shows? If you insert the Trusses in Top/plan View, You can swtich to Fron view, hit CMD+L and the truss rotates 90? left to an upright position. You can also use the Modify-Rotate3d Menu command. With the new 3d snap capabilities of VW and the unified view, it is not very difficult to get the Components aligned once you have them in your Plan. I did it in 3d View arround one cornerlock, and mirored it twice. The Proloyte Symbols have blue lines in the Cords which can be used to snap corretly. If you render the image, you see that Prolyte used Polygons for the Cords.... which I don't like too much, but the Library is very precise, and you can design your Ground support with real measures. For your Scaling problem: Do you scale your drawing manually? If you draw your stuff in original dimensions, and let VW Do the scaling by using the Layer scales, there is no Problem with the imported Symols.
  3. Hi I've edited your file. First I had to make it a "symbol in the wall" I rotated the object in your symbol 90? left; Exit symbol right click-->edit wall hole component; switched to front view; arranged the extrude you already made there to the object; gave the Object a new colour to allow you to identify it in the wall. there's a tutorial in the knowledgebase as well. called "2009 3D Wall Improvements"
  4. Did you try to put the "Hole-Objekt" on an extra Class and switch this Class to invisible?
  5. Hallo Colly, Where did you get the 2010 Plugin? As far as I know, there is only th plugin for VW2009 to C4D 11.
  6. Yes. Thats the way it looks ... A bug?
  7. I've tried with a simple model, It seem to be the case, that Renderworks doesn't render the model in oblique modes. I can switch the view to oblique modes, an I can chose Renderworks modes, but the rendering shows the model in orthogonal view. If I move the cursor arround on the rendered model, i can see the invisible parts of the Oblique Wireframe model by the orange preselection lines...
  8. Hallo JRoth, It's hard to say, what exactly causes the Final Quality Render to be black, without seeing your Setup. I suggest, that you play a bit the settings in Custom Renderworks or Custom Radiosity. In both Cases you should set the Number of refractions in the Render Section of the Setup for "Custom Renderworks Options" or "Custom Radiosity Options" to a low value, like 4 or 8 This effects the rendertime extremely. I find it also usefull to klick on Auto Exposure. Horst M.
  9. Hello, If you get your pdf File from a Scan, you have "only" a Bitmap PixelFile, and you can use the imported pdf just as an Image. You can not even snap to Verticies on the drawing, because there is no posibilty for Vectorworks to analyse the bitmap, and for example figure out if the Pixel belongs to a Text or a Line or whatever. If you have a pdf File that was exported from a CAD Program, then VW can snap to Points and so on. That's a briliant feature (I guess since VW2008) to scale Plans precisely, and measure and so on. If you use the pdf image in VW as a Base, and draw your stuff on top of it, and export everythink to .dwg, then the pdf page will be a image File in NNN.dwg Folder, that VW produces. The pdf Image is just refenced in the dwg File, and not incorporated like VW does. This can cause some trouble with Autocad Users who open the dwg File, because as far as I know, they have to tell AutoCAD where the imagefile that belongs to the reference is located... If I have to base drawings on a pdf, I put the imported page on its own Class, redraw everythink I need, and make it invisible. Horst M.
  10. Thats a cool object. even tough you didn't want it :-) I tried with VW2010 an 2009 and can't reproduce that effect. :-( See the Image attached. I drew a line, made a Helix of it with 10 Turns, and did an Extrude Alongpath with a small rectangle and Plane locked. Do you like to post your File? horst m
  11. may be I misunderstood. I tried again in a new file, and as soon as I enable or switch on (or how you may name that action) the Handrails or Guardrails or both in the object info palette, in 2d or 3d they are shown.
  12. Hallo Bill, I was too fast. I did some Stairs with the new PIO and liked the new features in the Settings a lot, but I had to move back to the Custom Stair tool, because of some render Problems that I couldn't solve. :-( Anyway, in case of the Custom Stair Tool: You design the Handrails in the Settings, but you have to enable the Handrails and Guardrails in the lower third part of the Object info Palette to make them visible. Horst M.
  13. Hallo Bill, When it is the new Stair PIO, you can set how the Rails show in 3d in the "Railings" section of the settings. Where you can chose if the Rails and Posts are displayed in 2d. Horst M
  14. Hallo Peter, Hallo Michael, For me it is really cool that you share solutions like above, because somtimes VW is giving me a hard time to come to the result I like to get, because like with the special polygon that Michael created, the EAP works with 3 Stairs, and with 4 it won't... My experience with VW is, that I never know enough tips and tricks. Horst M.
  15. Hallo Michaelk, I just tried arround a bit, closed the Stair polygon on the back, used the "extrude a small polygon and substitute..." trick, that I just learned from this thread, and there was the Tribune! I don't know why... May be the new parasolid Engine doesn't like open polygons ..?.. Horst M.
  16. Hallo, I recently created some simple Concrete Stairs using the new Stair PIO, to try out some lighting possibilities for a Staircase. When I tried applying the Textures by using the Graphical Atributes of the new Stair PIO I ran into some Problems which I couldn't solve. The textures seem to be applied in Plane Mode to the Parts of the Stair. This happens also, if I give the Parts a Class, and apply the texture by setting the graphical attributes to "Class Texture". Is this a bug, or am too ... to find the right place to switch the textures to render in Cube Mode? I attach a Testfile and pdf that shows what I mean. Does anybody have a solution? Horst M.
  17. Hi, I did submit a help request to the local Distributor, but I was hoping to find a (quicker) solution in the Forum.
  18. Hallo, Im working with VW2010 SP1 on my Macbook Pro. When I try to install SP2 I get an Errormessage. There is an updaterLog.txt File created. When I check it, I see that there is a "Keyerror" metionend. Does anybody have similar experiences? Does anybody have suggestion how I could solve the Problem? Horst M.
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