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  1. I am attempting to export a VW2008 model to SketchUp and I'm not sure the best way to do this. I tried to export as a .3ds but then all the surfaces are drawn triangulated and there is a tremendous amount of cleanup especially around the window frames. The model also doesn't import in scale. I then tried to export as a .dwg and import that file into SketchUp, and everything looks okay and to scale, but I lose the windows and doors (the openings are there, but the frames are missing). Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks! -May
  2. Is there a way to export elevations to AutoCAD? I made viewports on an exterior elevation sheet, annotated it with elevation bullets and titles and then exported the sheet to a DWG. When I open it in AutoCAD, the elevations show everything unhidden.
  3. Thanks Katie, I tried all sorts of combinations and I couldn't get rid of the components when I exported to DWG/DXF, so I will replace the walls with a simple wall style.
  4. I am trying to export a floor plan to my engineer (background drawings) without all of the wall component information and I can't seem to get the walls to look like just two lines. Is there a way to do that? I tried going into the Document Preferences and selected Hide Wall Components when layer scale is <= to 1:1, and it shows up as two lines on the model space in VW, but when I put it onto a sheet, no matter what I do, the wall components show up again. When I export into DWG/DXF from the model space in VW with the components hidden, the AutoCAD file shows all the wall components and the hatching.(BTW, I unchecked all the hatching boxes.) I want to be able to export this so that my engineer doesn't have to clean up my drawings before they can use them as backgrounds.
  5. Peter, I wanted to thank you for your help on how to make a driveway in a terrain. I played with it for a while, and then I eventually made an extruded, rotated plane for the driveway and moved my terrain 3D loci over to the edge of the driveway plane. I was running up against a deadline for a presentation, and so I tried to make it a floor first, but realized that only the top renders with texture. I will experiment further with the terrain tools when I have more time. (I may still call Nemetschek and see if I can audition VectorWorks Designer to see if any of the other design products may be useful to me). Does Landmark give you more options for including trees and vegetation in 3D model renderings? Thanks again! -May
  6. Thanks Peter! I'll try out using the NURBS roadway. I spent last night reading about how to do this in the VW manuals and hopefully I can get it to work! In your opinion, can you do this easier with VW Landmark? Is it something I should consider upgrading to? I'm still auditioning the software, and I'm trying to make sure I have all the tools that I will need. (I primarily do residential design renovations/additions, often on sloped lots)
  7. What is the best tool to use for making a sloped paved driveway in a 3D terrain in VW Architect, or do you need to do this through VW Landmark? I tried to make a pad with the site modifier tool, but I can't seem to get the terrain to modify. I also tried to draw a straight road in the terrain, but the project driveway cuts off at an angle, and I don't know how to modify the road to make an angle through the object info palette (the terrain also doesn't modify along with the road).
  8. For everyone looking at this thread, I received a call from VectorWorks today regarding my earlier post about the inclusion of the corner window in the next version of VectorWorks. I was originally told in error that they were going to include the capablility for corner windows in their next release. It is still under consideration, and is not a done deal for the future release. Thank you all for your replies to my original post question. I did manage to draw the corner window by using the 3D tools, and it wasn't too time consuming, but it would be nice to be able to have the option in the future to do it through the windows tool.
  9. Thanks, I've been to the site and I downloaded the demo to try it out, but it didn't seem to be very easy or intuitive. I was hoping not to spend another $175 just to do a corner window. There should be a way to do this using VectorWorks Architect without using third party plugins. I was hoping to get some help understanding how to change the windows to make them join in a corner.
  10. Hi, I'm new to VectorWorks and I've been searching through the discussions trying to find out how to draw a frameless corner window. I've managed to draw windows at each wall of the corner and place them at the very edge where a support would normally go, but I can't figure out how to alter the windows to make the glass join in the corner without a frame.


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