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  1. The tree objects are 3D objects fromthe Vectorworks library called out as "Symbol/Plug-In Object" in the Resource Manager. They cannot be made to have a solid fill from within the Attributes tool.  They revert to the "no fill" state.  Are there better tree resources available?

  2. I set up a sheet layer and viewport and rendered via Renderworks.  I export to a JPG and it works just fine.  I will check about the solid fill but this method will meet my needs.  Next I want to better understand backgrounds so I have a custom lake image as the background - but that is another battle.


    Thanks for the help.







  3. I am a relatively inexperienced user and I am modeling my home as we explore some exterior upgrades.  I have developed the model including some landscape plants (larger trees) but when i attempt to export into a JPG file the trees show up as criss-crossed planes.


    Here is the rendering in the design sheet




    Here is the JPG image




    Here are the settings




    Can anyone provide guidance on how to have the expoerted JPG look correct (like the rendered design sheet).


    Thanks in advance.





    As Exported.jpg


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