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  1. It's a jpeg. I've figured out that if I convert the jpeg into bmp using another program, and THEN import it into VW (which then converts it back to jpeg) the document jpeg retains its sharpness, which then prints out well. I have no idea why this is, but I'm just glad it works.
  2. I cut the dimensions in half to about 1240x1700 or something, and then reimported the file. The image still does not show up, on screen or in print. Does the export->pdf option give a more accurate idea of what will print out than the print->save as pdf?
  3. Hello, I am trying to place a scanned document on a sheet in Vectorworks. I import the document as an image, but when I export the entire sheet, the image does not show up. I have tried print -> save as pdf which seems to work at first (visible on the computer screen), but when the file is sent to the printers, the image does not print out. I have tried changing the dpi resolution of the scanned image, importing it onto a design layer and directly on the sheet, export to pdf, and in the print menu save as pdf. Any input on this would be helpful! Thank you


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