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  1. OK, just to update you, my above post related to a broken Quicktime install !!! I removed Quicktime, re-installed it and was backup and running. I have all my 10.x U/G'ed to 12.5.2 now and most without issues (well, almost - see below). All are XP Pro and we are avoiding Vista as long as possible. Minor irritation. Righ hand margins on our existing drawings ... The entire drawing is left shifted for some reason? On an A1 it could be enough to cut off some of the drawing on the LHS. It seems proportionate in that the same happens when printing to A4 so it has to be a VW issue - I think. Any offers? Thanks !!!
  2. Brand new Dell. VW 12.5.1 working one day, not the next. Tried updating to 12.5.2 - same result. Double click .exe short hourglass (1 sec) then nothing. Please help, I have 27 x 12.5.x installs to do, 9 Full Versions and the rest upgrades, and this is the first one !!!
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