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    Music, I play Keys in 3 Bands - Harleys, I ride, drawing the weird stuff we build / rent - Airline interiors for T.V. Film - www.aeromockups.com
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  1. hi,, i know how to resize and drag the pallets around and customize the tools in them,,, But I have made the Basic tool pallet long and skinny so now the bottom is no longer available ! I Pull the whole thing up AS HIGH AS I CAN BUT STILL CAN'T SEE OR GET TO THE BOTTOM I can't get to the little corner to re-shape it, I can't get to the arrow at the bottom to take some tools out so the box will be shorter so I can resize/reshape it ! HELP !
  2. on another but similar note. I have a piece of wood 8" x 4' x 1/4" thick that I want to cut a curved detail shape into, like several korbles . ? i have drawn it in 3d, but how do i modify the edge? how do i draw the detailed shape to cut out, and have the results in 3d. Do I draw the finnished detail in a freehand polygone and then extrude it ? it does not seem to get into the same x, y, z, plane as the rest of the shelves I am trying to attach it to. ps, i'm in Vancouver today and it is their ThanksGiving weekend, so Happy Thanksgiving to you. pps, back in the USA now
  3. perfect.. thank you,, just like I would have expected, but did'nt have the forsight. -I was just looking at drawing up something like it that way. Picked '3D polygone tool' then after that I 'tabbed' thru the values and entered the dimensions I wanted. Getting the right isometretric "view" helped. but then do I get to hide lines afterwards? or is there rendeing or something?
  4. Let's say,, I just want to draw a simple shelving unit. and for presentation, i want to show it in 3D or perspective. it is not a wall and it is not a solid.. I usually draw as I would build, I draw a piece by length width thickness and assemble the shelve as I would in the shop. it would be cool to be able to do this with VW, even if there is a better way, which I would also like to know, but for now Is it possible to do what I want? I only have Fundamentals,,, Do I have to get a upgrade or different plug in or can i just draw. thanks Danny
  5. Ah Ha! then that would be what I probably did then......... created some loci... and forgot. thanks again
  6. hi,, thanks,, no change. I de-selected all the constraints... no difference. Hummmmm Oh My ! In Preferences - That Did IT !!! Thank You So Much,,, it's disguise was it only happened to some drawings.. not all drawings.
  7. I don't know where they came from, but I have these 'dashed lines ' running horozontal & vertical from points at the drawing edge? in pairs - I have looked at the show/hide guide lines but they wont go away... What could they be? how do I get rid of them? n oH ya,, they run to infinity, and I can not select them seperate from the drawing. i can't select them at all... . they outomatically attach themselves to the pasted copy, and move with the selection, but realign when the drawing opens. and defy any attempt to 'trick' them into getting left out
  8. I get it to print to PDF. on my Mac it happens in the 'print set-up' on my Dell it comes from an Adobe set up as a print to comand, if you get the professional version of ADOBE Publisher or something like that. our computer guy has me hooked up with a free version ov 'print to pdf' - So if I understand it, it is not VW which needs to do it, but rather your print preferances that handle it. Danny
  9. mines a Power PC G4 - couple years old - seems fine, but i don't render yet..
  10. How simple though to have it done for you.. "Modify" to "Drafting Aids to "Line into segments" thanks Jeff, this will come in very handy 'down the line' Danny
  11. Hi - I have changed all text, (not something I would do often, cuz some difference is usefull,) But if you want to,,- Select all - click 'Text' and select what size you want. maybe have to 'un-group' first? maybe not - but try it. Danny
  12. I agree,, the last thing I saw as I saved/closed the drawing.
  13. ya, sure would like that feature on Mac and Widoz too!
  14. I wonder if there is one like that for 'Fundamentals"? or is it so close to the same thing?
  15. Nick, - Katie sorry.... thanks for the info/reply had I had any Pride, my face would be Red..... ;-}> d.


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