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  1. Thanks Michael for the info, but I can close all of the other palettes and still can't get the Basic and Tool Set palettes to open. In the Windows version of VW, a check mark is next to all open palettes. I can click to turn on and off all palettes EXCEPT Basic and Tool Set.
  2. Hello Peter I'm getting the same results in the standard workspace as well. I even went back to version 2008 and get the same problem I mentioned above. Any ideas? Thanks Calvin
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm having a problem turning the BASIC and TOOL SET palettes back on. I clicked on the "x" that closes these palettes. I went to Window>Palettes>Basic to click it back on with my mouse but nothing happens. The same holds true for the Tool Set Palette. All the other palettes open up with either the shortcut command or by clicking in the Palette window. Am I missing something? Calvin Johnson
  4. Hello George, I too was able to use 4GB of memory when I used XP pro 32bit but when I stepped up to XP pro 64bit I had to remove 2GB of the 4GB of memory I had installed, but I believe the MAX memory that XP pro 32bit can handle is 4GB. However, XP pro 64bit can handle 16TB (that is TERABYTES with a T). Don't expect to see a computer with that kind of capability anytime soon though.... If anyone wants more info on the XP Pro 64bit operating system, they should checkout the following link. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/64bit/facts/top10.mspx Hope this Helps Calvin
  5. Hello Stefan I believe Katie hit the nail on the head. Thanks Katie! I origianlly had 4GB of memory in my system and I reduced it to 2GB in order for VW to work. Calvin
  6. Hello All... Here's an Update. I was finally able to get VW to open, but in order to do so I had to remove 2GB of memory. I don't know if this will work for others who wish to run VW on a XP 64bit system, but at least you have a possible option. Hope this helps Cj
  7. Hey Ray... I'm familar with QT and did the reinstall/update but to no avail, same results, can't open VW. I'm looking in my VW subfolder and see the QT resource files, but I don't know what "component(s)" within the QT program uses these files to coincide with the VW program to make it work....The irony however is that I'm able to open QuickTime and iTunes in XP64 with no problems (that I can see) despite the article you sent me. Well....Once again thanks for your advice! But you know what....I'd like to know from someone at Nemetschek if VW even operates on a Widows XP64 system DESPITE what's going on with my situation. At least, as users, we'll know the software's compatability limits and issues. To say Vectorworks operates on XP is not enough seeing how there are two verions, 32 bit and 64bit.
  8. Yes, I was able to open the player and view content (i.e. videos and music...) If you mean "control panel" as in being able to connect to the internet and receive real time info from Apple, yes to that too. If the "control panel" is something else let me know what that is and I can see if that works in XP64. I really appreciate your help...
  9. Thanks Ray.... ...but I just opened QT in XP64 by its self and it worked fine. I know that XP64 allows 32 bit programs to "operate" within its architecture some kind of way. So perhaps there's some sort of "software misalignment" between QT and VW that's not allowing them to run together in XP64. I just can't figure out why. Anyone else have a possible remedy?
  10. Hello Katie When I try to open VW a Window's Applications Error box pops open that states: "VectorWorks Application had encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It also asks if I want to send the data to Microsoft's error collection server and/or view the details of the error. The error signature is below: AppName: vectorworks.exe AppVer: ModName: quicktime.qts ModVer: Offset: 00073595 I originally had VW 12.5.1 and updated it to 12.5.2 and recieved errors in trying to open up both versions. This is pretty much a clean install. The only programs on my system that I installed myself were VW, QT, Adobe Acrobat and the necessary drivers for all the hardware. My system consists of: Windows XP Professional 64 Bit Intel Quadcore QX6700 CPU Asus Striker Extreme Motherboard 4GB of DDR2 Coirsair XMS2 Memory Nvidia Quadro FX5600 Video Card With that being said, where else should I look for the problem? Thank Calvin
  11. Hello All! I was wondering if anyone has any success running Vectorworks in Windows XP Pro 64 Bit? I can't seem to get mine to open up. All I get is an error Message. Thanks in advance. Calvin
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