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  1. Thanks to both of you. Your info is all very helpful. We have about 300 items in inventory and unfortunately most are unique. Quite a beast, but necessary. I am going to noodle around with a script and see how far I get. I am sure I will be calling for help from the woods. thanks again, JOhn
  2. Thanks Pat. I thought as much. Thanks for sending enhancement request as well. Perhaps you would explain the copy/paste script a little. thanks again, John
  3. If you take a moment to ponder this. I am working in VW 2014 all updated on OS 10.8xxx. We are redesigning our display case inventory and have run into a little situation. We have made record formats and record fields for much of the information we need to know about our cases: i.e location, current exhibition and upcoming exhibition. We have linked text to the symbols so this info shows up in the isometric view of the (drawings)inventory as text. The thing we can't figure out is how to get the symbol names to show up in the isometric views. All of our symbols are named but we don't want to have to re-type (or copy/paste)all of names in individual record fields. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, John
  4. Thank you for your generous responses, Section viewports don't give us the option to display planar objects. My guess is that this is the obstacle. The layered viewport trick is another good idea. The only hook is that I have text that would be partially hidden in the section cut. If I layer then I loose the effect. I always find it amazing that software is released that doesn't function properly. It is like a bicycle with a bell and no pedals. Thanks again for your help. Best, JOhn
  5. Hello again, I have text on the 3D layer. The text shows up fine in hidden line rendering on the design layer but does not show up in the section viewport on the sheet layer with the same render settings. I have tried several render styles and all classes are turned on. Not sure what to do??? thanks John VW 12 with Renderworks all up to date OS 10.5.8
  6. Thank you very much for your (prompt!) advise. I will run this up the flag pole and see if it is a workable solution. Another option we have been exploring is using Apple Remote Desktop, will using a single workstation as a drone for multiple users. If I get and good info about this I will report back. Thanks again, John
  7. Hello All, Wondering if it is possible for multiple users (multiple workstations) to work on the same document simultaneously over a network? Any help would be appreciated. John VW2012 Designer MacOS 10.5.8
  8. Pat, We have surmised the same as you have stated. If there is a script we would gladly use it. We simply don't know how to figure it out. Thanks again, John
  9. Hello, I would like to know if you can get the height, width, and depth of a symbol to show in the columns of a worksheet. Is there a simple command, like how you put in =l for the layer it appears on? Thanks, John VW2008-Apple G5-OS 10.5.x
  10. All good info and I try my luck at Vectorscript. Thanks to all respondents.
  11. Hello, Is there a way to turn "show others while in groups" on and off without going to the preferences menu. Perhaps a keyboard short cut. I have been all over the Workspace editor and find no option for this trick. Thanks, John VW2008-Apple G5-OS 10.5.x
  12. Pat, Thanks for the info. I was doing exactly what you said and the vps were not showing up. Of course, when I restarted this morning and read your post everything worked as is should. Thanks again, John
  13. I have deleted many section indicators that relate to section viewports and I can't get them back. I was wondering if there is a way to remake them and associate them to the proper section viewport? Thanks ProwerMacG5 OS10.04 VW2008
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