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  1. Thanks very much, this is very useful. Katie or Robert can you please elaborate on what was the developer idea on this issue. Since this is fundamental and time consuming stage, but actually, from the minute the model is done the work here is mostly technical, I am curious if there is some 'paved road' I am not aware of, or at list some more shortcuts. Udi Win XP, VW 11.5
  2. Hi I wonder what is the way it was intended to make an elevation from a model. I find the way I do it unsatisfying complicated. I work in 3d when I finish the model I create VP and arrange the different elevations from the linked layer. I render each elevation in hidden line and start to make ad the 2D elements and that part is annoying when working in a VP in annotation the model can not be rendered and if the model is reach in details it is hard to see what is in the front and what is in the back, so is this the way it was planed to be done? What other methods are being used? TIA Udi Mann Win XP, VW 11.5


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