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  1. Is there any way to make the display of the chars in the tool bar and pallets bigger??? I recently switched from a Window to a Mac and the chars are too small. The drawings are fine.
  2. Is it possible to use GPS co-ordinates in Vectorworks for positioning in Spotlight??
  3. Great, thanks so much. Happen to have the instruments in 3D to share as well - or I shall drawing.
  4. Is there any plan for Vectorworks to support ChromeOS
  5. Any one got suggestion to how the label legend for cyc light with four windows, i.e. two bottom and two top be defined
  6. Need someone to hold my hand. The link you gave me asks for Service Select Account, when I typed in serial numbers and so on to create one, got no reply.
  7. Anyone got any GLP, German Light Products, symbols to share?? From GLP web, it should be with SP2 update package, somehow it is missing in mine.
  8. I got mine from the following link and I searched on the Gobo Texture library using "2137" http://www.norcostco.com/star-field-apollo-gobo-2137.aspx
  9. I am using Vectorworks 2015 SP1 (Build 237820) Window 7
  10. I do not know anything about font, TrueType or Unicode!! I do have difficulty in input Chinese Chars using the PenPower graphic pad and typing the keyboard using usual Window keyboard.
  11. I am using VW2015 - English version. Wrong gobo is projected and my method is, *** Start with a blank drawing with Spotlight as template. A box is drawn with “rectangle” and “extrude” A “focus point” "A" is draw on the box at 10’ high An ETC 10 degree is draw 20’ away and height at 10’ and focuses at "A" Draw beam is activated. Gobo template Apollo 2137 is imported from the VW2015 library. In the OIP if the light instrument, the gobo is chosen at the edit menu. At left isometric view, Final Quality Renderworks is chosen. The gobo projected is NOT what it is suppose to be.
  12. Both the Chinese and English VW are VW2014 SP2. According to VW techs it is as design, i.e. VW designs the files to have more than one "none" classes.
  13. I still have two none classes with Chinese VW2014 - one in English and one in Chinese.
  14. On watching the Webiner video again, found that non-lighting devices work by, Spotlight > Create Report > List all: Symbols My/your next task is to find out how to export/cut/paste onto Excel/Word as the report is likely to be changed by ASM?s at two sides of the stage during rehearsals. And this demanding user is asking if it is possible to display Viewports on the reports when the locations on/off stage can be shown?? Please share your experience in the area.
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