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  1. I have just used The Rooflight Company's rooflight C-15 and Velux symbols and inserted them into my roof. I noticed that the rooflight inserted 150mm lower that the cutout viewed from the side. This was due to the fact that I had a double miter set at 150mm and the rooflight set at square cut, if I removed the double miter for the roof or set it to zero the rooflight would fit squarely into the cutout? I have also noticed the how the rooflight fitted within the thickness of the roof, they tend to be on the face, it would be nice to be able to alter the fitting depth of the rooflight into the roof from the Object Info Panel I know you can break the roof apart and re-align the rooflights within the roof but it would be nice not to have to do that and have better control of the placement/fitting via the Object Info Panels?
  2. That is what I thought but it has happened on about 15 separate layers, I don't think it is possible to rescale all objects on different layers at the same time?
  3. I have been working on a drawing over the past 2 years and I have just noticed the drawings on each layer have changed in size? the building has gone from 7.414m to 7.126, the lintels from 225 to 215mm and the beams from 350 to 334mm. All the drawings I have done over the last week are no longer valid as I have been working on false data. Has this re-sizing happened to anybody ells?
  4. Just tried to space 6 doors within a single wall using the Align/Distribute Objets panel, but no luck? They all were selected but VW wont allow you to select the 2 adjoining walls as well?
  5. I have a 2009 file upgraded to 2011 containing some conceptual designs of some industrial buildings "4 walls flat roof/floor etc". I have no problems applying a texture to the walls and a 3d extrude from the VW texture resource browser and through the classes but when I import a pic through the New Resource - RenderWorks Texture - Edit Texture which imports the texture into the resource browser, were I highlight the wall or extrude, double click, no texture is applied. I have created a new test file and created an extrude and a wall and went through the same procedure to apply the same image texture and it all works fine. Yes I have made sure the right side, top and edge of the wall is chosen for the texture to apply to. Any ideas?
  6. I have just updated a 2009 file to VWD2011 and when I open the class panel it is very, very slow to operate. It wont even scroll down the list of classes properly the slider keeps sticking. It also takes and age to open a class with the computer spinning wheel appearing to say the computer is hard at work?
  7. Thanks Robert. Any idea how you scale a photo imported into VW? Is there an easy way or tool were you can click at two different points in the pic then set the distance between the 2 points and the picture would scale automatically to that distance. Currently I create a line at a set length then push and drag the pictures features to meet. I also fine tuning the layer scale. Very prehistoric, Must be a better way?
  8. Well I just upgraded from 2009 to 2011 and all went well. What a surprise to find "NO Dongle Required" and that you can run it on a limited number of machines through your new online registration in the UK, and to top it all of you have actually started to work more closely with your sister company Maxon and have included there superb render engine in VW 2011, Wow what an update! Thanks to all at Nemetschek you have made some major improvements and fixed some of my biggest gripes. I see you have also greatly improved the stair and wall tools and included Velux Roof-lights in the resource objects, Thats another 3 of my list. I Haven't had a chance to go through all the package's new features yet, but what I have seen this is the best upgrade yet... So... whats next? Well perhaps a couple of suggestions. 1: The Roof tool needs to have the same features as the stair, window and wall tools were you can apply a number of components/layers to the roof and apply different thicknesses, fills, textures and hatches to them as well as altering the projection of each layer so you could create a tile layer that projects over a batten layer and the batten can project further than the insulation or the rafter layers etc. It would also be good if the roof framer tool could be incorporated with the roof tool so you can truly and easily build and visualise the roof before applying it to your design or model. 2: The ability to import photo corrected images such as Kubit"s PhoToPlan or similar software for true-to-scale digital image rectification of plane objects. The software should work inside VectorWorks perhaps as a plugin to provide a versatile image plan, which allows for easy measurement of areas and distances for creating 2d plan drawings & 3d models and designs, This would dramatically improve working on historical or conservation projects that require detailed info from your digital survey to create your designs. http://www.kubit-software.com 3: And finally, can you improve and add the ability to import and edit raw or native file survey and point cloud data from all major brands such as Trimble, Leica and Topcon's Total Stations as well as Faro's, Trimble"s and Leica's 3d scanners. It would be really good if you could get Pointools to provide a plugin for VW Mac/Win as they already have plugins for Windows Rhino, AutoCad and Scketchup. Good for VW, Good for Point tools, Good for Us! http://www.pointools.com Well Thats it for now
  9. Hi Himanshu its not just about how the core software handles because they all have there pros and cons, but its also how you can grow your package to meet your future and industry requirements. For an example its taken VW years to truly link its software to Cinema 4D even though its part of the same group as well as developing the ability for VW to display hatches and fills in a 3d view/port and that lack of vision seems to be predominant. Take a look at what ArchiCad can do and bolt on i.e. FrameWright, EcoDesigner, Cinema 4D, Piranesi and many, many more. As for AutoCad well the list is endless but it has core features and compatible products as raw total station file and point-cloud support, PhoToPlan, Ecotect Analysis and 3ds Max etc, etc, etc. As for Rivet I don't know much about it, but make sure when you make your final decision that you are looking to the future and what services you would like to provide your clients as you could be restricted if you go to NVW?
  10. Dongles should never have been used by VW and I don't see why we should have to use them in the UK and not in the US? Get rid of them now and allow 2 downloads per licence, it can only benefit VW in the future as it will make the software more attractive to new and current users and free up a needed USB port!
  11. Would it be possible to get a traditional Oak framing tool/plugin "not unlike that found with ArchiCad and its plugin Framewright" but with a VW twist. Imagine clicking on the traditional framing tool button in the menu pallet that could resemble the current roof, stair and framing tools that will provide you with a range of framing styles to choose from and joint and timber details that you could customise, adjust or create within the menu tool. It would also be good to have the ability to drag a single joint detail to part of an individual 3d beam/extrude within your drawing were it would automatically cut and fillet that beam with the required detail. The software should also be able to provide a detailed cutting list detailing each beam and joint for automatic CNC cutting and numbering at a click of a button etc. http://www.encina.co.uk/framewright_pro.html
  12. In today's economic climate which could take years to improve there could be a justification for a price reduction in the Nemetschek VW software and less updates and improvements that require further investment. Take me for an example, I waited a couple of years before I paid ?1161.18 for an expensive update from VWA-R 12.5.3 to VWD2009 after confirming there was not any proposed updates within the next couple of months or so by Nemetschek VW, or id wait. I was told there wasn't and I received the software update and was generally pleased but then I noticed a bug and a few features that didn't seem to work very well i.e importing/updating old mcd files, texture wrapping around doors and windows, the stair tool and the lack of roof-lights etc; which caused a lot of problems and costly work for me. I was hoping a free update would solve or improve these features, but within 3 months of purchasing the software 2010 came out and behold those problems were fixed and improved upon. What got my goat was VW was marketing those same improvements and for me to upgrade would cost a further ?727.27 now that's expensive!!! and not good value in these economic times!!!!! For me its the little things and I feel VW has lost its way over the years and is just sucking me dry. So Sorry about the "rant" and to your answer, Free does not mean better; Free does not mean becoming more popular; Its all about customer satisfaction, support, value, and most importantly user and press recommendation, and with all these in place designers will invest time and money in Nemetschek VW and the community will grow?
  13. I don't think its realistic for VW to produce a free version of the software but I would love to see them dump the dongle and provide a single license that will enable you to run the software on 2 computers such as your desk top and laptop etc. After all if Adobe, Apple and many other software manufactures will allow this why can't Nemetschek. As for convenience I have no problems with reregistering with Adobe and Apple because they both have really good registration and update management systems in place, you just load the software, register, and enter your software code online and that's it. No fuss, no bother; And for future updates you can customise the automatic update procedure or do it manually. I currently have Cinema 4D "A Nemetschek product" and this also has a good licence and set-up system why cant VW follow them? As for the dongle it's self it's very vulnerable stuck on the side of my MacBook and it would also free up a well needed USB port, so please, dump it!
  14. There is a real need for architects and designers to easily analyse at an early stage their designs for energy efficiency with the ability to produce diagnostic reports for submission to clients and planning applications within their Cad package. Currently ArchiCad? and Autodesk? have software/plug-ins to undertake this work so it is time Vectorworks adds a plug-in to its range or they could stand to lose potential customers in the future? I hope/wish we will see some developments on this is the near future? Review the competition? Graphisoft EcoDesigner? http://www.graphisoft.com/products/ecodesigner Autodesk? Ecotect? Analysis http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?id=12602821&siteID=123112
  15. Thanks Peter I have seen this software and it looks very good for inserting a 3d model into a photograph but this is not quite what I meant. Photogrammetry is a means of taking a series of photos at slightly different angles using a simple digital camera then alining points in the photos via the software to enable you to take precise measurements of objects and features within that merged image as well as having the ability to automatically produce 3d models from that image. I must confess I first found out about this subject when I was researching QTVR systems and found some police forensic departments were using this system to recreate crime scenes in all there gory detail. I have included a link to terrageomatics a company linked to Topcon the survey equipment manufacture to give you an idea of what could be done and the possibilities of having such a plug-in for Vectorworks http://www.terrageomatics.com/
  16. As this is the wish list section for the forum can I suggest Nemetschek develops a Photogrammetry module for VW 2010/11. As a designer I would love to have an integrated package that I could develop a quick and very precise 3d survey model of a site or historic building from digital HDR photos. Not only will this provide me with a highly accurate 3d model that will include a real life texture and rendering of the subject, but it will also be convenient and affordable as you will not have to hire expensive 3d survey and scanning equipment. I have recently searched for some software to help me survey an Historic Grade 2 Listed Tidal Mill in the UK and I was most impressed with Topcon's ImageMaster Photo but I think this could be improved upon by producing a Mac version and by simplifying and integrating the process with VW. I must confess though, I have yet to use the software but I was most impressed with the demo video.
  17. Hi all I seem to be having problems with a new Space Navigator. I have installed the drivers and it seems to work with google earth but when I try moving a layer linked 3d model on a design layer the layer moves around not the model? Any ideas?
  18. I have been having problems with VWD 2009 editing a box dormer ref VW Architect post "Problems with editing a Roof dormer by Carl Newton". I have just been told by the UK Distributor that this seems to be a bug in the VWD software on the Mac and they will be notifying Nemetschek, I also seem to be having problems adding dormers to a roof object and the whole experience seems to be very temperamental. I was just wondering if anybody else had the same problem?
  19. Hi Wes Sorry it wont work. I have been in touch with the UK's distributor and they believe its a problem with the VWD 2009 software on the Mac so they will be notifying Nemetschek?
  20. I seem to be having problems with the Edit Roof Element. I can adjust the slope/degree of the roof dormers except in the box dormer. I have reinstalled VWD 2009 and done the update again to SP4 but it still wont wont allow me to change the deg. Pic 1: I have enclosed some screen shots of what happens when you access the Edit Roof Element - Shed. As you can see the box has a blue outline and you can alter the number. Pic 2: You can see when I highlight the box Height number not all of it is highlighted and it feels a bit buggy but you can still alter the number. When I try to alter the Slope deg the box wont highlight and I cant change the deg number? Pic 3: shows I can alter the slope of a Gable dormer and this goes for the rest of the dormers. Has anybody got idea of what's going on, is this a bug?
  21. Hi CipseDesign Yes, I tried copy/past and it will now transfer in part but textures have been removed or replaced with others and some symbols become invisible even though others in the same layer/class are showing. As for using paste/in-place it still quits. Another problem I have just noticed is the roof/obj has roof-lights on both sides of the apex in the middle of the roof face, the ones on the right show and are fine but the ones on the left are invisible and will only show in line/3d. I also noticed they don't seem to have the vertical cut into the roof as the others whilst viewd in line/3d? I have also deleted them and tried to insert a new roof-light symbol, but as before it will only appear in line/3d. Its very strange as the Boathouse model I import from is perfect both in 2d and 3d?
  22. OK I'm Not having a good day as I have been trying to copy a 3d boathouse "44.5MB file size" that I created and drop it into a 3d site model on it's own layer @ 241.8MB file size, but VW Keeps crashing and quitting and wont import the 3d model. I must confess I did suckseed once but not all the textures on the boathouse was imported so I deleted the model and have had no success ever since????? PS. Ref a previous post I deleted & uploaded 4 times the screen shots of the rendering problems I'v also been having but they wont download from the post? I have checked the .jpg's and they are OK and the total comes to 608KB? What's Going On!!!! Problems, Problems, Problems
  23. Hi All It may be something simple but it seems to stump all who have tried to fix it. I have applied an overall texture to 2 gable walls one containing a door the other a window and a separate joist for a lintel. I have also applied the texture to the walls elements, left, right, hole, top, bottom etc as appliying the texture just to the overall does not fix the problem. I first render in Open-GL and the walls look fine the stone is laying in the right direction in and around the doors and and it all looks good. I then render in Final-Quality Render-works and the direction of the stone changes around one door in the wall "look behind the fridge" and blurs around the gable windows on another wall. I have gone through the mapping of the different elements of the walls and as with the image in Open-GL all looks good. I have spent the last few days trying to sort it and its driving me nuts can anybody help. I have enclosed some screen shots to show what is going on OK I have deleted & uploaded 4 times the screen shots but they wont download from the post? I have checked the .jpg's and they are OK and the total comes to 608KB? I'm Not having a good day as I have been copying a 3d boathouse "44.5MB file size" I created and I am trying to drop it into a 3d site model on it's own layer @ 241.8MB file size but VW Keeps crashing and quitting. I must confess I did suckseed once but not all the textures on the boathouse was imported so I deleted the model and have had no success ever since?????
  24. I seem to be having problems with applying textures & rendering? 1: I have tried applying a texture by Class in the edit classes box and through the Info Pallet selecting class or a texture. I have even dragged a texture onto the extrude but no luck. All the extrudes seem to have a solid fill colour, as well as the class but it still wont except the texture? 2: I have applied a texture to the walls and checked the auto align in the render tab of the wall object and the texture will rap around the walls, doors and windows, fantastic. It looks fine rendered in Open-GL but when rendered in Final quality Renderworks the wall around the windows look streaky again? Any ideas MacBook Pro 17" VWD 2009 Renderworks
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