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  1. Thank u very very much Katie! you 've been very helpful! :-)
  2. so, there is no chance with what i am using now to import one? A friend of mine uses 11.0.0 and he can import images.... I know I have to upgrade my pc but it takes time and money....
  3. I am using Windows XP and vw 11.0.0 AMD Turion 64 X 2 Mobile 1.6 Ghz , 768MB RAM
  4. The message i receive says :"unable to create a graphics importer for the file. QuickTime may not have an importer installed or memory may be low. I use vectorWorks 11 but unfortunately for windows, not OS. I have installed QuickTime v.7 As I am new with VW, I can not understand what I should do..... Thanks
  5. i cant import images (jpeg format)....an error occurs with the quick time image importer...what should i do?
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