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  1. Our office uses a mix of VW 12.5 and 2008 all running on pc (all with different specs) with XP and up to now we have been plotting quite happily on a HP500 with no problems at all. However in an effort to reduce our plotting cost we have invested in a xerox 8830. But as yet we can not get it to plot the drawing as it is drawn. There is no one problem - sometimes it misses out whole sections, other times it will take part of the print and ghost it across the whole page and others it will make a hatch a solid black objects. And it happens across all machines and verions of VW we run! Any ideas??
  2. We have just set up a new A1 template, which prints fine from a few computers in the office, however when you print the same template with the same printer settings off at teast two computers in the office, the plotter cuts the last 20mm off the prints!! I have checked that both are computers are using excatly the same versions (12.5.3) and both have the same printer driver, but still no joy. Any ideas?
  3. Tried that, as well as a full restart of pc - still no joy
  4. DWorks, I can not get this plug-in to work as it does not show up in the list of tools in the workspace editor. Any ideas?? I run VW - RW 12.5.3 on windows XP
  5. North, I am having problems with VW 12.5.2 and the dongle driver - what did you do to fix it?
  6. I have just got a new Dell laptop with Vista and when I install VW12.5 (plus update) it says dongle not found. I have installed updated driver for doungle and the doungle lights up but still no joy. I have installed VW 11.5 (without dongle) and VW works fine. Any ideas of how to get VW to see dongle?
  7. When inputting text into VW12.5 and you press the tab button, VW puts in a nice little square at the start of the line which you can not delete. Can anyone suggest why this happens and how to stop it?
  8. 1. The there any way to make the'Name' element to be bold, without having to make the whole section bold? 2. The button is great for working out floor areas, however is there any way for it to automatically pull in the length and width of the room?
  9. I have been trying to find a way of automatically adding the computer user name onto the worksheet, I know you can add the file name via the 'Date stamp' function, but can find no easy way of doing the same with the user, does anyone know if it is possible?
  10. I am trying to find out if there is anyway of moving the 'object length' box to be the first box within the top bar.
  11. At work I use both VW 12.5 and 11.5. In 12.5 you can set the wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out, however I can not find the function in 11.5 - does anyone know if it is possible to do?
  12. We save all our drawings onto our Server, however, we can find no way of changing the default folder VW looks at saving and/or opening, therefore we spend alot of time just browsing folders. Is there anyway to change the folder VW looks at when saving?
  13. I am fairly new to VW and only currently work in 2d, however prior to VW I worked with autocad which had the ability to select a line and then select any number of lines which you wish to extend to it without having to repeatedly select the first line, is the same function available in VW?
  14. I use VW 12.5 on a pc, and have been reading the posts about people having difficulty exporting to pdf, however our vw does not list pdf as an available export, do we require an additional add on for this functionality?
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