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  1. Having trouble with this in 2018... I'll post again if i figure it out...uggh
  2. You have to EXPORT the custom title block from the base file to the new, open file or to the libraries/user folder/defaults/sheet border title blocks in order to retain the linked text fields (VW 2016&2017) Right Click on your custom sheet border symbol in the resource browser and choose export, scroll down till you find the open file you want, select and export. Or export it to your User Library and you should be able to select it from the drop down menu when you place a sheet border in a new file. Hope this helps...Tried to "screen shot" the pop-up windows but they disappear when I switch applications..
  3. To Everyone at Team Vectorworks: I wanted to send a big shout-out for a great experience in Baltimore. It was clear how hard everyone worked to pull of such an amazing production . Thank you to everyone involved - top to bottom and to the speakers and educators who gave their time and effort to share their knowledge and expand mine. I reconnected with some old friends, made some new ones and came away feeling that Vectorworks, as a company, is a Design Team Partner and not just a software provider. Sincerely and with my best regards, Geoffrey S. Fraser, Principal Fraser Associates Architects, PC Bar Harbor, ME
  4. When exporting all my fonts convert to simplex....this completely messes up the the title blocks not to mention my callouts and text blocks. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. That was my first thought as well
  6. I will never go back to PC. Switched two years ago and am not looking back... plus with an add on utility like parallels you should be able to run any software you choose. VW2008 SP2 Architect Power Mac G5 OS X 10.4.11
  7. Hello All - does anyone have a RomanS Simplex Font for Mac? This is an SHX font for Autocad and is required by the client. Any help or links would be wonderful - thanks I found one but even bold it reads a bit light... still hoping someone might have something better - thanks
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