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  1. Yes that's all it was. Wasn't even aware of the different modes. Must have inadvertently selected that. Thanks!
  2. Just installed service pack 4, and can't insert resources? The selected resource shows up in the middle of the screen, then disappears once I click to place it, and I get the message "The symbol must be inserted in a wall. Do you want to insert symbol in a wall?" whether or not I click yes or no, the symbol disappears...
  3. PM me and let me know how you want me to upload the file. thanks, Sean
  4. And the result of all this waiting, a 59 mb pdf. WTF am I doing wrong here? This seems to be a simple rendering to me....can't even email it to my client!
  5. Also, when I add transparency to objects and then render them with a background, they don't seem to be translucent. Noticed this with symbols like trees as well as extruded shapes. I am truly 'underwelmed' with this new rendering engine. What a bloated piece of crap. I don't want to make a movie animation I just want a nice looking drawing to present my client. Sketch up is very temping at this point.
  6. At the end of HOURS of rendering, my viewport appears as hidden line render in a big old grey box (viewport boundary). It is supposed to be a final quality renderworks render. I've tried fast renderworks. No luck!!! Newest imac. Lots of memory. Up all night and tired. What is happening?
  7. @ da muel. Totally agree. Bought a brand new loaded imac and vw 2011 thinking I would see a huge improvement. Not so unfortunately. Its better, but it still takes WAY too long to render viewports. Stairs are still finicky to edit. The interface has become more bloated and complicated in an effort to be easier to use. Maybe the combo of 2d drafting and sketch-up is better? I find myself browsing vw forums while waiting to see what my buildings are going to look like : ).
  8. Fixed it. Attributes in the edit box. Sorry all.
  9. When I create an elevation viewport it see everything as though its rendered in wireframe even though its rendered in hidden line. Is there some setting I'm missing that renders the walls as solids? All classes are turned on in the viewport. I've made my own custom walls, but as far as I can tell they are attributed with solid fills. VW 2011. Mac OS 10.6.6
  10. RE-installed VW 2011 today and these issues are not there anymore. Not sure what happened with the first install...
  11. BTW. Using a new imac i5, 2TB hd + 8G ram...can't see that the computer is the problem...
  12. Upgraded from VW 12.5 and I am crashing, and totally frustrated. Specifically, crashes seem to occur with site models (can't select and modify nodes/objects = crash, and as soon as I hit 'upgrade' = crash. When I grab a 2D node in plan and try to move it = crash. Some files crash while opening before I can even look at them. Sorry VW I can't just start from scratch with VW 2011. I need to be able to use the old files I've created. I have been a huge fan of VW and quite a competent user (in 12.5) and I upgraded because the render engine upgrades looked worth it. This has been an extremely frustrating day 1. Hope someone out there has some advice. thanks...
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