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  1. Katie, Have you got an idea when Vectorworks will support 2007 and 2008 please ? Damo
  2. I am running the latest copy of Vectorworks and thought this would open 2007 Autocad files as they are or have realsed version 2008 ! As you have said, it really is frustrating.
  3. Hi, Can Vectorworks 12.5 import Autocad 2007 files ? When I try the batch import on dwg files, it turns the size od all the dwg files to zero k ! Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a viewport with active layers. The problem is when I view this viewport, although my gridline layer is on the top in the layers pull down menu, my grids go to the bottom of all the shaded boxes in my viewport ! Anyone know what I am doing wrong ? Using 12.5.1 on a MacbookPro Thanks Damo
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