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  1. I concur about both of these issues, very frustrating. I added this thread to the bug submit just in case you hadn't. Hopefully this will be resolved in the next SP.
  2. Rotating hybrid objects on any axis besides Top/Plan in VW Spotlight is a really convoluted process. I'd like VW to handle this situation differently and I have a couple ideas. Here is what I'd like to accomplish. I'd like to be able to insert a truss using the truss tool, place fixtures on it, switch to another view, and rotate everything. Currently VW does not allow you to do this; it gives the warning "This operation only works on hybrid objects in plan projection". The workaround to this is to ungroup and regroup the truss while in a 3D view (losing the ability to further edit this as a truss object), and delete the 2D components of any symbols being rotated before performing the operation. First off, if I want to rotate a hybrid object from a front or side view, VW should allow me to do it. I'd like a warning similar to when you attempt to ungroup a high-level object. Warn me that the 2D component will no longer accurately represent the 3D component, but still allow me to proceed if I wish. To fix the issue of the 2D component not correctly representing the 3D component of the symbol, I'd like it to also give me the option to redraw the 2D component. What VW could do if I select this option is to create a duplicate of each symbol, perform a hidden line rendering of the rotated 3D object, and replace the 2D component with the newly created one. So in my example of selecting a truss with multiple fixtures and rotating, I think the following process would work well... 1. A warning dialog displays that if you perform this operation, 2D & 3D symbol components will not match. Allow the user to continue or cancel. 2. If the user continues, show a list of all symbols about to be rotated and check boxes next to each if the 2D should be regenerated based on the new 3D rotated model. The user should be able to perform this operation of redrawing on all, some, or none of the symbols. 3. Any symbol the user does not select should be rotated with the rest of the objects and the symbol should not be modified. 4. Any symbol the user selects to be redrawn should create a duplicate symbol, perform a hidden line rendering of the 3D component with the new rotation and use this as it's 2D component for the new hybrid object. I'd love to hear any suggestions or criticisms you have to this problem or solution. Thanks for your time.
  3. I was not able to resolve the problem in VW2009 but I can tell you that VW2010 does not have this issue. Sorry
  4. Is it just me or is the the 3Dconnexion/Vectorworks implementation moving backwards? 3DxWare no longer recognizes when VW is open (ie: displays VW in the applications dropdown in 3DxWare Control Panel as it does with other certified applications... Google Earth, Photoshop, etc). This means I can't set specific settings for VW to use, only set global settings. I don't understand how Vectorworks is certified with 3dconnexion. From their website... http://www.3dconnexion.com/solutions/cert.php And this post from one of their moderators... http://www.3dconnexion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=10507#10507 Two major versions of Vectorworks later and it still doesn't fit those requirements. Please either make it work or stop listing it as a supported feature of VW.
  5. Here's a link to a Sketchup v6 file with simply a rectangle that's been extruded into a 3d cube. (apparently you can't upload .skb files to this forum) http://tmsomaha.com/share/cube.skp Create a new file in VW2010 SP1 and importing works as expected... A new design layer "Layer0" is created with the model. Doing the same in VW2009 SP4 doesn't do anything. No new design layer or model.
  6. Thanks for the input, I appreciate the help! I believe this may be an issue with 2009 SP4. I received a 30 day demo from VW of 2010 although I haven't yet upgraded my license yet (hopefully very soon!). Using 2010, imports from Sketchup using the method I described in my last post are successful. As for 2009 SP4... After going through the import dialog, 2009 doesn't display any indication that it's doing anything. My scale is 1:1, there are no new design layers. With 2010, a new Layer0 is created with the imported model. I'm using 2009 SP4. I assume that while I'm waiting for the import to complete, VW would be unusable and show signs that it's working (as it does when rendering, etc), yes? Because I can continue to use VW immediately after clicking done in the import dialog, this leads me to believe it's not working.
  7. In VW, I start a new file, then select "Import Sketchup...", a browse window opens and I select my Sketchup file. Next an "Import Settings" dialog opens with options. After clicking OK, nothing happens. No pause like it's thinking. No new layers, classes, objects, anything. I've tried importing models from 3dwarehouse, and even saving a file with a single piece of geometry, a box. As I said before, I've saved the file as v7, v6, v5, v4, v3 in Sketchup. I've tried using the different options in the Import Settings to no avail.
  8. I cannot import a sketchup file into VW. I've searched the forums and found the several threads which point out that VW09 cannot import v7 sketchup files. I've saved my files as v6, v5, v4... and still nothing imports. Any suggestions?
  9. As long as the curved truss is a truss object, it will not change it's pen or fill color. Double clicking a truss object will not allow you to view it's members so long as it's still a truss object. It must be ungrouped unless there is another way I'm not aware of. The truss doesn't create it's own class nor do the inner members have an inherent class. I've tried your method and it still will not change its pen/fill colors from all black. 1. Create a new document. The only classes are the defaults (Dimension, None). 2. With nothing selected, set my default class to None, set my Fill & Pen to Class Style/Color. 3. Use the curved truss tool to place a truss object. 4. Create a new 'Truss' class and changed it's pen/fill colors. 5. Changed the truss objects class to use the new Truss class. The object does not adopt the new class characteristics.
  10. Whenever I use the curved truss tool in 2009 it makes the truss all black (in 2d form) regardless what fill color is selected. If I ungroup the curved truss I can turn the fill color white but this is undesirable as it is no longer editable as a truss object. I've also tried importing a curved truss object from 2008 and it looks fine until I edit anything in the object info, then it turns all black.
  11. NNA webmaster, please read this article... http://www.seomoz.org/blog/how-to-convince-a-client-their-site-doesnt-need-music
  12. I do most of my projects with VW2008/ESP and can tell you the two programs work very well together. I agree, you should give the demo a try and see if it fits your needs.
  13. Thank you everyone, looks like I'll be waiting a little longer before purchasing a SN. Possibly SP4 or VW14? Was really looking forward to purchasing a SN. I love the idea behind it, but I'm still a bit hesitant to purchase it if it's going to end up as a paperweight. I'm surprised Ronman & Christiaan have such a different experience with the device. With some of the problems that still seem to be an issue even after SP3, it doesn't seem to be in line with 3Dconnexion's Certification Program...
  14. Thank you for the in depth info Ronman, it's much appreciated. A question for you... do you use the SN regularly while working in 2d/3d or just to navigate your project 3d? If you use it regularly, would you say it increases your productivity? From 3dconnexion's website... "Save time and resources by streamlining your workflow. Maximize your efficiency by going from an interrupt driven workflow, utilizing only one hand to an integrated process using both hands. Studies show that using both hands will optimize your productivity by 30%."
  15. So from the SP3 PR release... "In addition, VectorWorks 2008 is now certified with 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator - a 3D mouse that can easily control and maneuver the 3D environment, which allows for a streamlined design process that increases productivity." Can anyone with a SN confirm that the issues discussed in this thread have been resolved? I do not see any SN bug fixes in this list
  16. I have been considering purchasing a SpaceNavigator but after reading this post it seems pretty useless with VW in it's current form. I thought the point of the SN was to increase productivity (see attached), not simply a fun way to navigate 3D. Glad I ran into this post before purchase. Please let me know when you plan to fully support this product.
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