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  1. I quick and dirty way to get a rough estimate is to copy the wattage column into Excel and find and replace "w" with " " and "kw" with "000". Will not work so hot with 1.5K and such though.
  2. Is there a way to print a batch of viewports to one PDF file with many pages. Right now when I print to PDF I get a bunch of one page PDF files.
  3. Spent some time on the idea and I could not some up with a way to get just numbers from any of the fields. There goes my idea for a script to sum weights by positions.
  4. Its pretty quick to export the data from VW into Excel but I don't know of a way to make Excel automatically add up the wattages based on the dimmer number. Adding another row and creating a sum would not be hard, however time consuming and if you make any changes in VW you would have to start from scratch. Do you have an idea in mind to have it whip something together quickly? This is something Lightwright does very well but I hear you on the overkill part. Its a bit late for me to start on the project tonight but let me run this outline for a script by you Sam; User is prompted for the start and end numbers for the dimmer system they want to check. The script selects each light or group of lights by dimmer number This is the gray area for me, would using an integer as the variable work to filter out any of the text? IE return a valid response 575 instead of 575W ? If that idea is sound add the value of the wattage field to the total. After all the selected objects have been totaled print the total to a worksheet. (I haven't the slightest clue how much work dealing with a worksheet through vectorscripts is. Would this be a fair project to learn on?) Repeat for the next dimmer number. I am guessing that I am glossing over some details but is the idea valid?
  5. I got help pretty quick from the vectorscript email list. PROCEDURE XToUser2; VAR TheLayer : HANDLE; PROCEDURE PlaceXCoord(theFixture:HANDLE); VAR x,y,z : REAL; xString : STRING; value : CHAR; BEGIN GetSymLoc(theFixture,x,y); value := Num2StrF(x); IF (value = '-') THEN xString :='Stage Right ' Else xString :='Stage Left '; xString := concat(xString, Num2StrF(abs(x))); SetRField(theFixture,'Lighting Device', 'User Field 2', xstring); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(PlaceXCoord, ((R IN ['Lighting Device']))); END; I was able to get it to add stage right or left depending on if it was a negative number myself, it was getting it to display Stage Right 9'8" not Stage Right -9'8" that I had to get help with. Now let the massive pipe tape party begin.
  6. It is pretty slick, now if I could come up with away to get it to list negative values as stage right and positive ones as stage left. Seems like it should be little more than a if else loop but I am still new at these vectorscripts
  7. This script should help out. I did not come up with it but I can not remember who gave it to me. PROCEDURE XToUser2; VAR TheLayer : HANDLE; PROCEDURE PlaceXCoord(theFixture:HANDLE); VAR x,y,z : REAL; xString : STRING; BEGIN GetSymLoc(theFixture,x,y); xString := Num2StrF(x); xString := concat('X = ',xString); SetRField(theFixture,'Lighting Device', 'User Field 2',xString); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(PlaceXCoord, ((R IN ['Lighting Device']))); END; RUN(XToUser2);
  8. In the resource browser click on the arrow near Files and Folders and select Add New Favorite File and then navigate to \VectorWorks 12.5.1\Libraries\Objects-Spotlight-Imperial and select the ETC file. Or open any file with that symbol in it and import it. If none of these options work I can send you the file.
  9. That fixed it, and works much cleaner then the move 2 then -2 command I was using.
  10. Thanks that did the trick, now I have another question. How do I get redrawall; to work? The script turns the beam off but the change is not apparent until the lighting fixture is moved or refreshed. Thanks
  11. I have had some free time lately and I have started reading up on vectorscripts and have come across a project where it might be useful to make one. What the script needs to do is select a group of spotlight instruments (this much I have) and then change the 'Draw Beam' field from check to unchecked or vise versa. I think that because the Draw Beam field is yes or no it will require a SetObjectVariableBoolean command. but I don't have a grasp on the handle parameter, the definition is given as SetObjectVariableBoolean(h :HANDLE; index :INTEGER; status :BOOLEAN); but in the example it is SetObjectVariableBoolean(17,FALSE); Where did the handle go? Any tips or pointers?
  12. Make sure the bottom of the resource browser does not say "No Active Symbol" It can be tricky, some times it works best to right click on the symbol in the RB and select make active after the insertion tool is selected. Also if you are only highlighting the symbol that will not make it active, double clicking on it or right clicking make active will though.
  13. I have used this website and have suggested it to several other people who have also had some success with it. http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/thetr263/VW11/VW11Tutr.html
  14. When I create a new file and use both the symbols from the drawing that is giving me issues and the ETC symbols everything works fine.
  15. I am working on a plot that has been handed down to me for some revisions and updates. Whenever I insert a new instrument it comes up with the purpose of down. While its no big deal to go back and change all of it it is still a PITA. I check the symbol and it wasn't attached to the light info record and the default in the light info record is blank so I am at a loss here. I am using 12.5 but this plot has been kicking since 9 or 10.
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