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  1. Can someone point me to a simple tutorial for creating a simple 3d theatre blackbox? Something that includes adding floor, curtains, lighting positions and fixtures. Then turning those fixtures on/off using focus points? VW University and Goggle searches indicate core concepts or fancy in depth tutorials but nothing that ties it all together. Thank you, J Tessier VW Spotlight 2021
  2. Yup. That's it. Looks like I have to dive into what 'braceworks' does. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Brand new to 2020 from 2014 with 2d loci. I can find the 3d loci visibility toggle but not the 2d. See attached jpg for unit numbering hidden under the loci. Thank you for any help.
  4. Thank you Jim. I have been using "Generate Paperwork" to generate the Channel Hookups and Instrument Schedules which does not Recalculate and needed a fresh generation every time. Looks like Create Report will be the way to go. Thanks again. JY Tessier
  5. Just made the jump from VW 2008 to 2014. Is there a way to edit Headers and Columns when Creating Reports? For example, I would like the Channel column in Channel Hookup up to always format centered in the column and in Bold type. Sure enough I can do this after the report is generated but is there a way to pre-format these reports at creation? JYTessier
  6. I was hoping to include an orchestra in a drawing I'm working on. Is there any decent yet inexpensive resource on the market? JY
  7. "Select Item"!! A great little tool I did not know of before. Excellent. That did the trick. The instruments were miles away from my drawing center. Thanks for the quick response. Jean
  8. My paper work (Inventory, Inst Schedule, etc) do not reflect alterations to my plot. It seems like the entire plot basically got doubled. For example, I renamed #1 Electric to #1 Batten but #1 Electric and all its associated instruments still appear on the paperwork despite not being anywhere on the plot. I have refreshed, deleted paperwork and re-generated. Even copy/pasted all instruments located on the plot to a fresh file to no avail. Each instrument has duplicated itself in the paperwork but not on the plot. I'm pretty sure the problem comes from re-naming the electrics but how can I get rid of them if I can't see them? How can I solve without redoing the entire thing over again? I am using VW2008. Regards, Jean
  9. I am using 2008. I previously used 12.5 Student version where this manipulating light on/off, etc appeared quite straight forward, hence I'm a little off. Thanks for the help. Jean
  10. Visualization Palette. Cool, takes care of that and also deals with shadows. However there still are quite a few functional options missing. For example, I wish to increase the intensity of 20 or so instruments to Full (up from the default 75%), plus I want to activate "Lit Fog" for all instruments which are on. Is there a way to add more functionality to the Viz Palette? To essentially replicate the functionality of the "Edit Light..." dialogue box? For the life of me I don't know why the "Edit Light..." dialogue box is not available when choosing 2 or more instruments!
  11. Seems that this was asked back in March but responses were not so evident. Is there a way to manipulate the "Edit Light..." dialogue box across multiple instruments? I'm trying to turn on/off different instrument arrays and/or alter their brightness levels, etc. Very tedious to do individually across many dozens of instruments when you can only change one instrument at a time. Thank you,
  12. Hi Ray, Yes I presently use the 01 format to keep some sort of order but it gets silly when dealing with triple digits. (001, 002, 111, etc.) I was not aware of the alt-fields feature. It looks to me like I have to redo all my label legends and then update all the channels (into the new alt-channel field) by hand. Not fun when dealing with about 320 instruments. Noted for my next plot but hopefully such a basic spreadsheet feature can be fixed to work in a future update. Thanks for the help guys, Jean-Yves
  13. I have a problem getting the values in Data sheets or Paperwork to appear in their correct numerical sequence. For example: 1 11 12 13 2 21 22 3, etc Where do I find the appropriate cell/column or row formatting to get these in their proper order. Thanks in advance.
  14. Argh! I got it now. Highlight by rows not columns. Hmph, and to think of all that time I wasted doing it the long way. Thanks Pat!
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