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  1. Hi again, having resolved the spiral ramp issue successfully - thanks for the helpful advice - here is another one: In some way it relates to the topic Sandking posted a while ago. I'd like to modify a horizontal extruded plane according to a given set of coordinates, so that in the end it's sloping in two ways. I attach a quick sketch, done in 2D, to illustrate what I try to achieve (hope this works, using the file manager; copy and paste didn't work). I'll try to describe it in more detail, in case the sketch doesn't show. Start with a slab of 1m x 1m, 10cm thickness. Horizontal. Now I want to lift it up, so that the lower right corner remains on the ground, the upper left corner highest up, and the other 2 somewhere in between. However, the verticals should NOT tilt in any way, but remain vertical. And the thickness should ideally not change as well. I've tried a few options without much success, so rather than describing them in detail I'd prefer to start from scratch. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Best wishes, Timo
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    spiral ramp

    Thanks! That made my life a whole lot easier... Best wishes, Timo
  3. I am struggeling to create a spiraling ramp in whatever way I tried so far. The helix-spiral tool looked promising, but resulted in a completely twisted surface. To explain what I am looking for: To start with, take a multi storey car park which has a spiral ramp connecting it's various levels. I referred the "Doorstopper" Tutorial, thinking that it was quite similar to what I was looking for. It works fine to extrude the circle along the spiral path, however, when I replace the circle with a rectangular object it twists the object while extruding it. Any suggestions as to how to solve this? To me it seems like a fairly standard operation, so I presume there should be a pretty straight forward way to do this. (Working on VW 11.5.1) Thanks, T
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