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  1. Hello -- I was hoping you wouldn't mind posting your method for getting a VectorWorks network dongle running reliably on Mac OS X Server 10.5. I noticed in this Nemetschek knowledge base article... http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/737/Aladdin+HASP+License+Manager+(HaspLM) ...that the Hasp License Manager is "incompatible" with Mac OS X Server 10.5. It seems to work great for weeks, even months, before failing and then removing and reinserting the dongle seems to fix it. Any insights you can share would be appreciated. -- Steve
  2. Hello -- We're running VectorWorks 12.5.2 under Mac OS X 10.4.10 and printing to HP Laserjet 8150 printers using HP's latest drivers. There are three places (that I've found) where a user can set their print resolution. (I've attached a screen shot of each setting to this posting.) My question is: Which resolution ultimately "wins" when sending a print job? (1) File > Document Settings > Document Preferences... > Resolution tab > "Printing" field (default is 72 dpi) (2) File > Print... > "VectorWorks" options > "Application Print Resolution" field (default is 600 dpi) (3) File > Print... > "Image Quality" options > "Printer Resolution" drop-down menu (default is "FastRes 1200") -- Steve


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