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  1. I've been successfully using an HP DeskJet 1120C for a long time. I got it inexpensively on EBay. It uses the common HP45 cartridge and plain paper.
  2. When I print Spotlight light plot drawings, including legacy VW12.5 files, in VW2008 (Win XP), I get a strange printing problem. I use two printers: an HP DesignJet plotter and Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. When I print to the HP plotter, VectorWorks crashes and exits. When I print to Acrobat, I get a text error message "prohibitedfont". No .pdf file gets created but VW doesn't crash. I traced the problem to one of the fonts I've always used in VW12.5 - Din 1451 Mittelschrift. It's a truetype font that never caused problems before. When I replace every instance of the font with something common (like Arial), everything works fine. I experimented more. Some other non-Microsoft fonts cause the same printing/crash problem. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas for a workaround/fix? I really like the Din font because it's super easy to read, and would like to keep using it.
  3. P West

    Clipped menus

    Changing the font size doesn't seem to fix the problem. I reset the fonts to "small fonts" default and the menu clipping still occurs.
  4. P West

    Clipped menus

    The font size is set to 113% using the "other" option in the display->settings->advanced->font size option. Display res is 1024x768. I've noticed that VectorWorks overrides the Windows font type settings in its menu bars and pull-down menus. Could this be set from within the program?
  5. I've just installed VectorWorks 12.5 and Spotlight on a PC running Windows 2000 Pro with 512m memory. Most everything is working fine but some of the texts on the menu dialog boxed are clipped - shortened to 15 characters or so. For example, in the Document Preferences dialog box the first chack box text reads "Black and white c". This happens in other dialogs too. Did I make a mistake in the installation? Thanks.
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