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  1. I'm having the same problem, I believe it only started with SP1. Whats the fix? I'm having to export all my current drawings down just so I can get some work done. This really is a major bug to be overlooked!
  2. Has anyone else attempted or had success loading 2015 in High Sierra? I've got a new laptop and would like to continue working on a few drawings in 2015. Double click on the icon then..... Nothing no process launched as far as I can tell.
  3. Somewhere along the line I must have asked Vectorworks to stop asking me whether I want to ungroup with layer info. I now regret that decision. Now whenever I group everything moves to the current layer regardless of the original layer. How do I reset this option?
  4. Same problem here, anyone listening?
  5. I'm trying to do a solar analysis of a passive solar house I'm designing but I'm running into a bit of a glitch. The solar animation creates the video without any problems, but what I am finding is that the sun position does not correspond to my global position. The site is in Canada, about 43 deg latitude, my winter animation has the sun coming from about 60 deg off the horizon, which, as anyone from Canada can tell you is plainly impossible. When I change the Latitude to see if I can offset the problem there is no change in the shadows, even when I input 10 deg latitude. Has anyone encountered this problem?
  6. Hello All, I'm trying to create a motor symbol that would indicate its position via either record or legend manager. I've seen others have been able to create a worksheet using =xcenter and =ycenter, but have not been able to recreate this. Could someone explain the mechanics of this or failing that does anyone have a clever trick to accomplish the same result? I know this has been discussed in the past on the posts but it seems as if those post have jumped over some elementary detail. Thanks in advance
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