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  1. Andrew, Good idea - Thanks I made the jump from 11.5.1 to 2013. I have been idle with mechanical design layout for several years. So some of this could be my learning curve. I really like this product. Have used several other packages and wish I knew more. Bolts are found in Tool Sets: Detailing, Fasteners, Bolts - Nuts - Washers... I have tried but could have missed the place where thread length is controlled. I have gone over the items available at least twice. To the best of my knowledge this was not available even in 11.5.1 Carl
  2. This came about as I worked on an assembly sheet. I needed to show how to assemble a bolt-washer-washer-nut-wing nut combination. It appears that the ability to control Thread length is missing A variable is needed to be added the 2D-3D bolt Obj Info pallet which would enable you to control the length of thread. [img:left]http://www.scgconnect.com/files/Bolt%20Thread%20Length%20example.png[/img]
  3. Benson, Thank you for all your help and suggestions. Seems like Nemetschek could improve Vectorworks by adding dimension variable to the 2D-3D bolts to control the length of the thread. Thanks again Carl
  4. Ok. Memory upgrade made the difference. This next piece is really for display assembly purposes and also learning more of how to do it. How can one make threads extend from the Hex head of that bolt to the end. All bolts I select turn into a bearing - non threaded surface. From an assembly point of view it does not make sense that the nut threads where the berating surface is. What is depicted below is how the assembly will connect to a Bud Box which has wall thicknesses any where from 1/8 to 1/16. The display goes Hex head - washer - through Bud Box - washer - Hex Nut - Wing Nut - washer The Hex Nut needs to have threads [img:center]http://www.scgconnect.com/files/Bolt%20Thread%20Length%20example.png[/img]
  5. Benson - thanks for the info. It seems 8Gb is not enough on this MAC running Mavericks. The WorkSpace editor identifies there is not enough memory to continue. I will address the memory aspect and then use your information Thanks Carl
  6. This may be a crazy request for some of you but I have need to create a mounting mechanism on a lab stand. A Lab Stand has a heavy metal base with a rod protruding out of it. What is this for. I am creating a Photo Gate for the NYS Jr High Science Olympiad Wheeled Vehicle www.soinc.org being held in Western NY. I volunteered fro this and am making the entire system, hardware, software, circuitry. Hey - its for the kids and to put on a good show yah know. I need to show one assembly in the following order 1. Hex 3/8 dia bolt 2. Washer 3. Washer 4. Hex Nut 5. Length to be determined but most probably a standard 1 1/2" or 2" 6. Wing Nut 7. Washer I need to show another assembly like this 1. Aluminum block with a hole to slide onto the rod (this is accomplished) 2. 3/8 Butterfly bolt to fastened the block to a location on the rod 3. A 3/8 NF tap hole on the other side to receive the mounting bolt from above. This assembly will fasten a bud box to an aluminum block slid onto the rod that will contain electronics. This mechanism enables mounting with rotation capability. I have VW 2013. I do not find any hardware items such as bolts. In the Tool Sets there is a Bolt Nut Inch but it is for bearing surfaces and I need threads all the way. Suggestions are welcomed Thanks Carl
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions. I used the Split function to complete this work. For me it was a matter of doing the right key strokes and 'bcd' clued me into this The drawing had 4 pieces of angle iron whose ends overlapped and all were at the same elevation. To place the 45 degree angle cut it was the 'alt' key that made the difference. I did not draw an object only used the Split function Steps to Split 1. Select Object 2. Hold down 'alt' key and hold it down until all SPLIT operations are completed 3. Select SPLIT 4. Choose your first SPLIT point 5. Choose your second SPLIT point 6. Choose the side to keep The SPLIT command is completed. To continue to SPLIT objects I needed to select 'SELECTION' command and then start the process over again
  8. I have two sets of several pieces of over lapping 3D angle iron and I want to bring the ends together. There are 4 pieces per set. Each set becomes the frame for sheet metal which is then welded onto the frame. The first set is square and I need to bring the over laps together at 45 degrees The second set has only one corner square and the others are at odd angles These two sets are drawn at the correct level and are ready to have their angles created that will bring the four pieces together What is the best way to bring these edges together for a 3D object? Cut - Split - Subtract etc? I have tried the ones I listed and have not been able to cut - join etc correctly Thanks Carl
  9. I have a drawing file that is in a Malz++Kassner CAD 4.60 format and I need to import this into Vectorworks 11.5. Any suggestions on how this can be accomplished? Thanks CFF
  10. I have a need to change the headers for doors and windows to 2x6 and 2x8. This depends on their overall length and is part of the building code. I am currently using Marvin symbols for the windows. How and where can I modify the header info so the wall framing tool creates the desired headers and spreadsheet info?? Carl


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