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  1. When I try to save a plot file to disk (for inport into another system) it creates a file that is missing one dimension - ie; an A1 would be shown as 0x589 - this does not happen all the time and seems related to the way I generate the file. Has anyone experienced anything like this as we are keen to offer a remote plotting service to vectorworks users. The ability to be able to consistently create .prn files to send to us is critical to this. ------------------ Adam Box
  2. We have an HP1055cm, and Oce 9800 large format printer / copier - both are happiest accepting HGPL files - having run through the notes on printing I can see how to create .PRN files, but not HPGL's - is this a built in facility of Vectorworks or is there any additional module or script that would help?
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