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  1. Well, I just went through the steps that I was following before and this time it worked . . . but honest to go, I didn't change anything with my methodology. Since I posted the first message, I have closed out of Vectorworks and rebooted my system so I can only suspect that there was something system-wide that was causing my problem and that a reboot fixed it. Has anyone had that kind of problem before?
  2. dspearman - Thanks for the response! A couple questions about scheduled size: (1) I see where scheduled size is available as a field when you first add a plant, but now that I have all of my plant graphics in place, I can't find where to go in and input that information. I'm working on my first draft of the design, so I haven't selected specific plants yet, I'm only interested in showing plant height and spread and texture. (2) Is scheduled size a freeform text box, so I could input something like "45h x 30s"? (3) Are there other fields that won't summarize - like if I wanted to show spacing or hardiness zone or something like that? Thanks again, BJS
  3. Another (probably) stupid question that someone can set me straight on . . . I'm trying to add notes to my design using the General Notes feature. I ensure my text class is active, I choose General Notes from the Dims/Notes tools, I click somewhere on the design, and the Notes Manager appears. I add a note, choose OK, and nothing appears on my design. If I go through the process again, the note that I just added isn't there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, BJS
  4. Does anyone have any input for me, or is my question confusing? I'm sure there is something simple that I need to do (or not do to get this to work). Basically, I want to create a report that lists plant ID's, quantity, height, and spread. When I try to do this using the tools > reports > create report feature and indicate that I want to summarize by plant ID, the ID and quantity are accurate, but the height and spread values are not. If I do NOT summarize by plant ID, the height and spread values are accurate, but I get multiple lines for each plant ID (if the same plant is used in multiple groupings throughout the plant). Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Ughhhh . . . I'm creating my first report and I want a basic plant list that shows plant ID, quantity, height, and spread. When I go to tools > reports > create report, and select my columns (based on plant record) and then choose summarize by plant ID, the result looks good except the height and spread are sums (I think) of all the plants with that plant ID! What am I doing wrong? Thanks, BJS


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