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  1. Tanks a lot, maybe i could try to create a semi transparent window, like eroded plexyglass...
  2. Hi, How could i create a texture, on an extrude or a plane surface, that would have a light placed behind it with an object between the light and the surface itself, and be able to see the shadow casted from the object on the front side of the surface(opposite side to the light and object) AKA seeing the shadow casted THROUGH the surface, without seeing through the surface itself? VW & RW 9.5 Mac... p.s. any good compromise suggestion would be welcome too.. :-)
  3. I can no other answer make but THANKS! really appreciate it..
  4. Hi, i'm trying to create a script that will update a selected worksheet automaticly then export it,I know it should be a quite simple procedure, but i don't know anything about Pascal Scripting/Vectorscript, when trying to use the DoMenuTextByName('Export Worksheet',0);i then get a message that no worksheet is active., so i tried to insert another DoMenuTextByName that would go select the worksheet via the Window Menu.. but doesn't seems to work.DoMenuTextByName('Document Windows','Worksheets',0);(it's probably a bad way to writh the path, or that since it's a variable menu with the doc name changing...) I then tried to use the SelectSS(h:'export'); command, but i can't figure out how to define/set the handler. Is it also possible to have the worksheet exporting in tab format automaticly,Just being prompted for the location where i want to save it? If anyone is willing to write that simple code for me, and explain me a little what procedure i should have used, i'd really appreciate it, the name of the worksheet i want to export will never change, it's called 'export'(without the ' ). using 8.5.2... Thanks in advance, and excuse me for any mistakes, english is not my 1st language... Dom
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