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  1. Beautiful! Thanks so much for all your help. I can now do what I asked in my initial question and more (the trim and split tools were added bonuses for me....)
  2. I don't have the Heal Wall tool in my VW. I only have the Wall Join tool. Also, I don't see a Wall opening tool. Should I insert a window with no attributes?
  3. Hi, I want to break or trim a wall made with the wall tool. I can't find a way to do it. Basically I want to square off a corner that's angled and add an unframed opening in the wall. Any ideas for how to do this easily?
  4. Is that really the only way to do it? You can't import the new classes to have their attributes overwrite the old classes?
  5. My office recently came up with a new class standard. The names of the classes are the same as previously (AIA naming) but the line weights, colors and hatches are different. How can I convert existing files with existing classes to these new class standards, without doing it manually? When I open "Create New Class from Standard," if that class is already in my drawing, it won't allow me to add it. (i.e. a-wall-neww-conc is already in the drawing, I just want to change its lineweight, color, and hatch. But we have hundreds of classes, so doing it manually is super time consuming. And these attributes are already in the new standard.)
  6. This was done by someone who's no longer in the office. I guess I don't even know what the layer link is. How do I select it? Is there a dialogue or menu somewhere that lists the layer links?
  7. We have a layer link on one of our drawings that we can't get rid of. It automatically sends us to the linked layer, and we can't modify our information. How to we delete this (and all) links? It's causing us real problems.
  8. Christiaan, So I guess there's not a way to lock palettes in place, or have them snap into place (Photoshop, for instance, does this nicely.) Someone like Peter can apparently work without moving his palettes around, but I'm not as diligent as that. I just find myself constantly adjusting the placement and length of things to see more. I wish there were a way to save palette layouts, or revert them, or something. Are there plugins that will do this?
  9. One thing that's been kind of driving me nuts about VW12 is how the palettes just float around the screen, without locking in somewhere. Is there a way to lock palettes to a location, rather than have them all over the place like a messy desktop?


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