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  1. All that was needed was the latest upgrade. The issue had already been addressed by VW.
  2. Has anyone had the problem of WALL TOOL not stretching parallel to itself once the ROTATE PLAN tool has been used to align the drawing to say a grid line that isnt 0 or 90deg to the wall? Any advice is much appreciated.
  3. The ever helpful Ozcad suggested: Deleting the nemetschek.plist file Upon restart the problem was fixed! Other possible work throughs were... 1. Upgrade to lastest VW 2. Reset preferences files in VW 3. Upgrade/Reinstall Quicktime which may deal with dialouge boxes
  4. Has anyone come across the problem of trying to open a new file (whilst working in one already) and then nothing happening? All windows are grayed out and inaccessible. VW is still running just locked out. Escape key gets you back. Same thing happens when trying to insert an image file. Still using PowerPC G5 Mac and 12.5.1 Worked fine previously.
  5. Thanks for the helpful reply. Loci placed in the workgroup referenced file does the job.
  6. I am currently experiancing difficulty in moving a viewport using the intersection of grid lines within the viewport. My intial diagnosis is that vectorworks is unable to snap to dashed lines located within viewports of 'large' projects containing workgroup references. I am assuming it is a graphics card-vectorworks issue. Interestingly I can snap to them when annotating - just not when the basic sheet layer view. I drew just two lines and workgroup referenced them into a blank document and could snap and move from all points which makes me think its struggling with complexity of the project. All layers, classes, view options, viewport settings (both in drawing and workgroup reference) are set to 'ON' or 'SHOW/SNAP/MODIFY ALL' Anyone experianced similar or same issues or able to offer a solution?


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