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  1. I have experienced a similar problem using OS 9 on a G4. This ocurred after initial installation of VW 8.5. After undergoing my monthly file maintenance (including rebuilding the desktop and zapping the pram) the problem was fixed. Hope this helps.
  2. I don't believe that VectorWorks allows you to animate any object except the camera/observer. Coming from other software that incorporated a more detailed, object-oriented timeline, that has been a minor annoyance. More annoying yet is the lack of stability in VW 8.5 & VW 9 while generating movies. Using a G4 667 with 512 MB RAM, I get frequent lockups at various stages of creating a movie. VW 9 has plenty of other problems, but that lock-up problem is unique in v.8.5 (otherwise stable). Sorry that this information doesn't help much.
  3. Me too (MacPlot and Printtopdf problems, inadequate tech support response, etc. on VectorWorks 9). I have downgraded back to v.8.5. I will also be getting my money back (and regrettably moving to another application in the future) if this is not fixed soon.
  4. I am guessing from my experience that VW 9 is optimized for the little known "leisurely engine" subprocessor. Seriously, VW 9 is noticably slower on my G4 than was VW 8.5. I use VW on both G4 and G3 (no Altavec) computers and notice only very slight differences in speed. VW 9 has some good points, but speed is not one of them.
  5. I have been getting the same result with VW9 (Printtopdf worked fine with VW8.x). I am guessing the Nemetschek is well aware of this at this time, but it doesn't hurt to add your voice.
  6. I am also experiencing some debilitating problems with VW9 and MacPlot. I am using v.4.7.5. That version is still the current version being sold on Microspot's web page. When saving plot files, the application (VW9) usually crashes. I was able to successfully save my files one day, but those files were missing some text and other information. I never had a repeatable error with MacPlot and VectorWorks 8.x.
  7. Has anyone else been having problems using Microspot's MacPlot (v.4.7.5) with VW 9? The application often unexpectedly quits when I attempt to create a plot file. Sometimes, after a restart, it does create the file. This is a problem that never occurred with VW8.x. Just wondering.
  8. After receiving my VW/RW9 upgrade earlier this week, I have mostly positive items to report. RenderWorks texture controls are vastly improved over the v.8.x version. At first look the OpenGL software on my G4 (350MHz/448MB RAM/OS 9.1) seem to be at least as fast as the Quickdraw 3D was on v.8.x. I have not yet been able to do much testing of the modeling and rendering. My primary use thus far has been in VW 2D drafting and graphic design-type activities. The application seems to be a little sluggish compared to v.8.5. Whether I am switching between different tools, saved sheets or selections, I feel like I am suddenly using a somewhat slower machine. It is only slightly annoying, but if there is a quick fix, I would like to see it in a maintenance update. The spell checker and find and replace are very welcome additions.
  9. I am a beginner with RenderWorks, but not with 3D modeling and animation. While I like the RenderWorks/VectorWorks package, I have been experiencing a problem with rendering on a PM G4 with 320 MB of RAM. Even when the quality settings are set low (1 ray bounce, shadows are not ray traced, etc.), generating a rendering is much slower than what we have become used to with competing software packages (also using Ray Tracing). I have played around with the memory allocation (setting the VW allocation as low as possible) and that does not seem to make much difference. Also, the Render Bitmap tool has been rather fussy and won't work (it just shows white space when where I have drawn a marquee). What am I missing?
  10. RBKarcht

    Blue skies

    I may be missing something, so I wanted to check this out. I am examining methods for adding a blue sky with clouds to a rendering and am not coming up with many options. Specifically, I need a stationary sky background of some type to use for the generation of a movie around the building exterior. What options do I have? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the tip on the pink shaders. We second the wish for more shader modification.
  12. I figured out this problem on my own. Thanks.
  13. When adding hatches (using the polygon tool) to a line drawing, I am noticing that the hatch obscures the pre-existing boundary lines for that hatch (like wall lines). In some instances, using the "Send to back" command solves the problem. Other times it does not. Is there something that I am missing? Thanks.
  14. We have seen the benefits of an ATI Rage 128 card concerning 3D rendering in VectorWorks (using OpenGL). Is this card helping to speed up screen redraw in 2D also? We are considering upgrading an older computer (that lacks graphics acceleration). I am wondering which would help the most with 2D screen redraw: a good graphics acceleration card or a CPU upgrade?
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