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  1. Good day All I have been trying to model a Drape over a chair and it is just not doing what I need it too, in other words, not like it would be in real life if you clad a chair with a cover.(Drape3) chair 1 is the rendered and chair 2 is the wire frame of what I have been able to do(custom) and how VW is handling this. What am I doing wrong, or is this the way the tool works, which I see as a bug? Maybe Im using it for the wrong purpose and should be using another tool to achive what I need. Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  2. Hi Swordfern I also had this problem before and it all happens when you hit one key unknowingly. To edit Snapping/Smartpoints: 1.Select Tools > SmartCursor Settings, or double-click the Smart Points tool in the Snapping palette. The SmartCursor Settings dialog box opens. From the Smart Point tab, specify the smart point snap settings. In VWHelp you can search for "Smart Point Snapping" or go to "Home / Vectorworks Fundamentals / Drawing with Snapping / Setting" In the dialbox you need to go to General to select to ones you wish to show and Object to select the points you wish to snap too There is a Keyboard HotKey to Cancel All Smartpoints, but you need to manually reselect them. Why they have this Hot I do not know, yet another frustration factor for me. Keep Well
  3. Well to start you off, add a background. HDRI backgrounds have thier own lights. This will create a better enviroment for the textures. You do get a stock VW texture for Stucco, find it and apply. Go have a look-see at some of my post on here as I have had many Q's regarding textures, lighting etc and been helped out alot. [View user profile > view all post by user]
  4. I found the best way to reduce file size of PDF is to save as for internet use. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
  5. If this is still a problem please see my post. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=169257&gonew=1#UNREAD You need to Migrate the drawing through each version. also: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=169454&gonew=1#UNREAD
  6. This would be a great feature if the different components of VW actually worked with one another. The camera/perspective view FAIL is a RenderWorks/SpotLight problem, not VW Fundumentals.
  7. Vince, we are all having to bear witness to the struggles of a Diverse brand with multiple unique aspects competing against all the other brands on the market. So like a company that will have a small amount of people able to do many different tasks to a certain level and a company that does only one thing really well. I agree with Kevin and sit in the same boat with him. BIM and Revit would not come into play with what we do. There is a way to use AutoCad and 3DMax to achieve the same and in some cases better results. For me it is more about how I get to the result and VW+RW+SL gives me that, even though there is rarely a good day with VW that nothing goes wrong or does not want to work. I would like to see how VW Arch and Designer will handle what we do as I think it will make working with VW a bit more bearable, but is it worth paying for 3 programs just to use 20% of each?
  8. Good day Q HorstM. has managed to help me out through migration, pulling the drawing and all its components through each version. I understand he will post something regarding it. Small adjustment were needed, mainly on the textures which are now working in a very weird and different way regarding how RenderWorks see's intensity. A Black Metal Texture is white when set to 100% reflectivity. This I do not understand. I agree with you that VW is not very pleasant to work with, but when it does work it does what we require. You are not the first to make that statement on being professional. Keep Well
  9. Yes it has been a [****** **] day in VW2012 land GRRRR
  10. Thank you for the input guys I see there has not yet been any response from Nemetschek regarding this. Horst: Thank you so much for the offer to help me out here. What type of bulk mail do you use? I can forward it to you via Send-It. Will this work for you. PS: You have done some magnificant work there in the attachments.
  11. Good day I use to be on VW12.5 and did a lot of design work whilst I had the time. I recently upgraded to VW2012 and compatibility between the two is shocking to say the least. Symbols turn themselves into Lighting Instruments and some drawings can?t open/regenerate what I have done in the old version. Most recent and reason for the post is a Fillet I spent hours on, getting it right in VW12 and now I have a Failed Fillet.(6981) Some other objects do not appear when rendered but are visible in Wireframe.(6982) The notice does say I can edit to try and correct it, but what type of editing is required?(6980) Also WHY!! do we have to sit and put up with this? VW should have made sure that ALL INFO can be read. Is there a way to save all this lost work or do I just have to bite my tongue for upgrading??! The last Image I attaced is what is did look like in VW12.(6983) Should have stayed on it.
  12. Thanks guys That seems to have sorted it out but now I have lost the properties of the symbols Interrwesting to note is that when object is selected it shows up as a Symbol in both the OIP and the Browser, but when propted to be edited it appears as a Lighting intrument. I have found this has made the 2D image jump between appearingh correct and incorrect by itself. The 3D part never differs. If you look closely at the att: above you can see part of the problem I have.
  13. Do you get a Convert to Solid ?
  14. Thanks but I do not have that option. I can create a Group. see att: Don't think the insertion tool was selected as I have never used it, but it is possible that it was at that point, no worries though.
  15. I have mentioned this before but will add in here. VW2012 is now set to create Huge files when Creating PDF or any other form of Export compared to say VW12.5 To get a good looking Rendered image you cant downsample and end up with a +/-15MB - 20MB file. VW12.5 created a 1.5MB file with the same clarity and detail when printed. What you could do is to download GIMP, Open the PDF in it, save as a JPEG and then save that image as a PDF again using one of the many PDF creators which will make it +/-500KB
  16. Maybe it is only in VW Architect...
  17. I have created some symbols in V12 and upgraded to VW2012. Now they are Lighting Intruments and I cant edit the seperate components of them. Some are symbols containing symbols. The reason I need to edit is that the 2D of the symbol/L-I is displaying incorrectly as some parts have been rotated and VW cant seem to deal with this or rather as I see it, trying to be to cleaver - AGAIN!! :mad: :mad: :mad: ..................................... So can someone please advice me as to how I change them back to a symbol or prevent a symbol imported into to VW2012 to become a Lighting Intrument PS - The symbol is a few extrudes made to look like a table and chairs. TX
  18. Post some pics of your renderings here I simple Mirror texture can be created in VW, set to duplicate Vert&Horiz. As mentioned above. To see a reflection, there has to be something to reflect. An Image prop will do the trick.
  19. I have not have this problem Could it be SP3 or Mac related?
  20. Please go view here: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/guides.php Your VW help also deals with how to render and where to set Fog intensity. F1 Keep Well
  21. Thanks Did not know you could edit OpenGL in this manner
  22. Hi I also have a serious problem with the lights having the same issue. The bounding box on lights, not just lighting instruments is overly large, which means you have to select each light individually to not include the the surrounding objects. A work around, which a very big roundabout is to use the custom select option or manually selecting each lighting symbol by clicking on them with Ctrl tab held in.
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