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  1. Great when you find stuff yourself. Still. add your info to your sig for future posts. Keep Well
  2. Thanks Bill Previous post just did not make sense to me.
  3. Aha! I was right I missed that bit of 256mb. That is like entry level and VW does like upgrades Did not think 4GB would be a problem, now we know Thanks Grant.
  4. Still very strange that VW will not Render in OpenGL... So now you can render, please give us a look see of what you were trying to render
  5. Hi eric Please add your info in your Signature. This will assist in this and future posts Like what RAM and Graphics card etc. Is this with a certian complex drawing, or with all types, big and small in file size?
  6. This is why I asked if there was a message of some sort. I do not see why you would need more RAM just to do a simple render as you are on 4GB, 8GB would be best. Next Q: Have you tried doing a render with only VW open after a fresh restart? Interesting that you cant even do OpenGL. What grafix card do you have?
  7. Is this when the roof is created by the roof tool?
  8. Hi Bill How do you see through it if it is not Transparent?
  9. Convert to Lines makes the objects you have select flat in that view. So instead of having multiple viewports, you could have multiple line objects in different view angles on the same layer. But I think a render bitmap would work better like you mentioned in one of your previous posts on having 2 viewports. The polygon, is that the window or the background?
  10. How about to Convert copy to Lines? Give you option with render...
  11. You could edit the reflectivity of the Glass and change the color....
  12. Awesomeness Horst. So thats why mine created in 12.5 looked so bad. Thay should add that tip of only 90deg in the Handbook!!
  13. Good day Melady Sounds like you getting the hang of things though. Like I said: What render style/mode are you using for it to crash? can you do openGL? and post it here. [To post an image: switch to Full Reply Screen, click on File manager, browse file and add.] Due to all the curves you will need to tone it down on the rendering side. Reflective textures like Chrome on a round surface, like trussing, will not render if values are set too high. Maybe render at a lower DPI or edit texture to be less reflective or make curved surfaces less curved. Does the program just shut down or is there a "out of Memory" message?
  14. Hi Are there alot of curves involved and what textures are applied? What lighting have you added and what render Style are you using? Maybe post a Wireframe/openGL of the render view.
  15. Hi Lighting will not show in OpenGL. The lecturns might be on a class that is set not to render in OpenGL. Have you tried to redraw the Startrek looking Symbol? You mentioned you applied a texture to the extrudes and it was not correct, did you try edit how the texture is applied to the surface? Set the scale or duplicate Horizontal/Vertically? Change it from plane to perimeter (visa/versa)? also editing the actual texture attributes? reflectivity etc
  16. Thanks guys. What is a DTM? Interesting theory there Peter, but why call it a "Create Drape Surface" if it was not intended to "Drape" ??!!?? :cry: Yet again VW being a time consuming, life draining creation.....unless you use other tools to create something they were not meant to do and make it work. Alas, We the people have tried to steer this ship and make it better, but still we sit with tools not able to do what their name claims they can do. Loving the tutorial there Horst. I will use it to improve my symbol now. Why did you duplicate from step 3?
  17. What texture was used for that gutter pipe?
  18. Thanks I only saw it afterwards, but it still applies The texture cant be made as it was in 12.5, thus giving a total different look. And the fact that textures change is just sad. There is so much I have to REDO due to the upgrade, costing me time and frustration. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
  19. This texture is NOT possible in 2012!!!!
  20. I can make it look pritty, but I don't use VW to win a Fashion show. You can set it to look less like an MS-DOS version, but the shortfall of PC processing not being up to MAC capability, it is better to have the system looking stock and performing to Max, than a Barbie loooking failure. And even with this I can encounter VW crashing several times in one day when managing small tasks.
  21. WOW! Something that makes using a PC better than a Mac.
  22. Good Render there David You use an HDRI? Also try using the RenderStyles and saving one that works for you.
  23. Hi Not sure how a Mac handles this, but if you Dock the pallets you will could change the size - not?
  24. Thanks guys. Horst that looks much better than what I could do but then you used nurbs. Maybe give a quick braekdown here as to how you got to the shape. I would say it would look better with less pleats to make it look more streched. Grant and bc: The point Im trying to make here is that the VW drape tool does not work as it said to work, well as explained in the manuals. Yes if i spent hours on it I probably would be able to get it as I want it, but then we back to the the discussion "is there a future for VW?" on the time wasting side. I had the same problem when I draped the table in my previous discussion. Maybe if you go try it in that way it is better explained why I see it as a bug. Go extrude a circle to 10mm and place at 700mm height. Drape it using the VW Drape Tool. The drape sits underneath the extruded surface and NOT draped over it as you would expect. EDIT: Added screenshot Wire-Hidden Line-OpenGL
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