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  1. I would also suggest you use the ETC Source 4's and not the Source 4 Par's. Been having some focus problems with the Pars from quite a few users. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=171882#Post171882
  2. WOW! This looks great. I also had problems with the Source 4 lights. There is a better version in a thread some where on here for download. (will go find it) So do the figures have textures in the skp file? If you import it as 3DS file it keeps the texture in VW. The render come out good. What would you alter in Photoshop? please post the final one here. I need a good reason to get photoshop installed on my machine. Personally I think you should use a better chair which you could find in the VW defualt libraries. here are the lights: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=165970&Searchpage=1&Main=24810&Words=source4&Search=true#Post165970
  3. Hi I do not do option 2 as it one, takes to long to load and acctually made VW crash. I have a VW drawing with all my textures and symbols(stuff) in it. so seperate personal Library files. I open these drawings and import to the new one as needed. In my defualt "new" drawing template I do have certian textures and objects I use in each drawing with classes and Layers all setup like my presentation camera view with lights ,Grass, tress and HDRI Backround So yes good idea, to have own personal library and leave defualt as is, but you can place it in the same location if you like.
  4. Hi If I remember correctly, you can set the freehand to be precise.
  5. Tyhoff - Where did you get your figures from, look really good. Good lighting effect on the wall too
  6. The one thing pops forward in the first post is "image mask of an expanded steel floor"... This being in VW2009 it would not have the texture change as in 2012 as yet, where metal textures are horribly wrong on the reflective side. So it should not have any problems unless the edit is wrong or it being to big. What is the base image texture? Maybe post both images here and we could have a look. (to add image files, Switch to Full Reply Screen and click on File Manager.)
  7. Good day You can edit the RenderStyle. but first you can do quick renders with a lower dpi/res setting render like Fast with shadows, know it will look like what you want it and then do a final render. When you ready and happy with your drawing setup and renderstyle, instead of rendering on screen completely, hit the Esc button after you have told it to Render, you might need to hold it down for a few seconds to clear the command, to stop the render and then Save to PDF. There are tons more things you can do to alter the drawing to speed up the Render process, like the way you apply textures, using square tube truss instead of round, Editing the lights, making sure the ones in the drawing are actually been seen and used as a possitive effect in the Render. Post up what your system specs are in your Signature so we can help you more. also what version did you use previously? 2011/2012 is Totally different than the VWv.11/12 in the rendering field as it is now running on C4D...
  8. Thanks for the concern guys Good to see Ian still here. It is a MegaBit and not a MB.so 1 gb/s Also it is the line between out server and my PC which run through my phone. Internal IT setup. It is only the speed of the line which is slow/small. I still seem to have a problem though. Cant have 2 VW dwg's open of large file size (80MB and 50MB) and then do an edit on some entourage.... We will be looking into this, might get a Drive sink program to link up, but then you sink the whole drive every time.
  9. Update: I think we managed to find the fualt that was causing VW to crash. As I work for a company on VW, we are all on a server to share the drawings. The fact that I was working of the server and it needing to update took time and effort. Thus it is not a VW problem. We checked this by opening a 263MB file over the server compared to having the same drawing on my desktop. The one on my desktop opened instantly. Also I was connected through my telephone line which is only a 1GB/s line.
  10. Thank you Looks great http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=170878Post170878
  11. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=166787&page=2
  12. The Create Seating Layout Tool works up to a point. I tried to draw seating in an existing Auditorium wherre I have the AutoCAD drawing. To get the seating correct I edited the Layout to either add or remove a chair and ended up having seperate rows. Lot of time was spent to do this eventhough the tool helped the process to get a starting point.
  13. Aha! So it would have both options then. Cool!
  14. Would it work to save the new version as a DXF/DWG and then importing it into the old version?
  15. Hi I would like to know more about this. Is it only in the landscape edition of VW? Maybe do a screen shot of where you select this option and to what you are doing it to. Might be the texture...
  16. Good day all I found some 3D cars in the standard VW files. Where would I find more different cars like Lambo and Ferrari ect. Doing some stuff for TopGear and cant really put a Skoda in the Drawing Free versions would be appreciated Thank you.
  17. Do you send them the actual VW Drawing or just renders of what you need? If the Latter, Why not Export to PDF out of VW? To reduce that file of say 22MB you open in GIMP2.0 and save as a JPEG or something similar I then Print the image back to PDF to acuire a file of less than 500kb. This might not sort out your halo problem as I also still have that at high quality renders. I did post about it.
  18. Now that I have downloaded and saved the file. How do I make it work? Where do one place the file to activate it?
  19. It is your Graphics card. This user had a similar problem http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=170066#Post170066
  20. Hi Do you have the required System to run the program?
  21. Process of elimination... Textures - toned down. Graphics+RAM - upgrade. Overall drawing and render settings. Maybe there is one symbol like an imported light that is needing unnecesary generation.
  22. I would be interested in how to do this aswell
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