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  1. Good day all


    Been a Long time not posing on here.

    Hope all are keeping Safe.


    We are needing to illustrate to a client what the drape/curtain will look when the corners is tied up in the center.

    Drape does have a curve hanging on an oval truss and is 6m wide and 10m drop. Will need to be tied of at as high as the person doing it can. The top of drape is not on a track, so fixed to the curved truss.


    Drape tool does not seem to have this option, even in a straight line.

    I would think using the Tapered Extrude tool to try and create this.

    Would this be the right way and if so what would be the best way?


    Thank you in advance for any advise



    For some reason I am not able to upload an image to illustrate how it kinda should look or how im trying to draw it....

    cant even link the URL

  2. Good day all

    So I had a look and could not find anything regarding this topic.

    What I am after is to show the smoke from the smoke maching without having the actual light beam and/or the spot of light where it hits the floor.

    Just want to have like what you would see from say a kettle or cigar smoke or even water mist. some smoke hanging in the air coming from a smoke maching set inside a peice of truss and cladded by some branding.

    I have tried to turn a light, set to spot, facing down to the floor, minimizing the beam, but get a hot-spot on the floor.

    When shining out the beam is too long on none/smooth/realistic.

    Maybe a different light mode/type?

    The scene is set at night and a distant light like ambient, would hi-light this effect of the smoke hanging in the air.

    I have thought maybe to use an image prop, but surely SpotLight/RenderWorks can do better.

    For reference: I am rendering in vw2014 in a custom view, set in one Layer and using a custom Render Style with HDRI background. All settings for Lit fog is on, ambient lighting is off.

    Any and all help appreciated

    Keep Well

  3. I have found a work around for image mapping to not crash VW2014

    Instead of gripping the image whilst in the Atribute mapping Tool and Panning it with the mouse, you use the offset H and V in the OIP under Render tab.

    If I try to pan it, it will crash instantly

    Is there not yet a fix for this??

  4. Thank you

    I need to do something similar to the photo attached.

    It will be a larger one so we can pull the sides more to the ground.

    Thank you for the link

    Will go see what I can find

    (not much there

    Found a marque tent under Bedouin as a search that might be able to work once edited, if I can.)

  5. Good day All

    I sit with a VW Rendering dilemma

    I created a Skin for a roof Cantilever using the 3D Polygon Tool

    When I Render in OpenGL it looks Correct

    When I render in Final Quality it has changed the solid faces of the shape.

    How do I rectify this?

    Any advice or suggestion are Welcome

  6. Good day All

    My crashes occoured due to trying to move an image into place using the "Attribute Mapping Tool"

    As soon as I select and drag the image, it had enough.

    Still on the initial version and was looking to upgrade to SP2 until I read all the threads on here.

    Good to have a place to come and find answers.


    PS Back on 2013 for now till all this is sorted out.

  7. Thanks Kevin

    I have managed after 2 hours to crteate this, well not quite what I wanted as working with Loft Birail is interesting and frustrating as the point move in one plane as you want, but select another on a different plane. So a bit skew but looks OK.

    I will try your method a bit later as it seems a bit easier and more controlled

    Thanks again and I will get back on this soon.

  8. Good day All

    Been a long time since my last post.

    I am stuck on how to draw a sail shape.

    I have the shape drawn out, but need to 'bend' it like the wind is catching it.

    Similar to the Render I found.

    Anyone who can help me out?


  9. Hi

    It seems the big issue is the Windows 7 interface.

    Even though with compatibility mode I will have to run a remote login system on a seperate machine. There might be a work around to this though.

    Bottomline is the VW11.5 plugin does not run on Win7 and that will not be able to change.

    Thanks for the input Kevin

  10. Hi Kevin

    Thanks, and yes I agree.

    The tools were created in 2003 and the other office is running the same setups with both versions, we just dont know what seems to be the problem as the IT guy is not a VW boffin.

    So, in a drop down menu you would click on the function/tool to activate it and bring up a OIP of it. Similar to the camera tool or screen tool we have now.

    When we do try this after all paremeters have been set, nothing happens.

    Some files might be in the wrong place. What could we look for to try and find the fualt.

    Reinstalling did not work.

    Thank you

  11. Good day All

    Been awile, but still around.

    I have a situation where we think it is a compatability issue.

    I run both VW2012 and VW 11.5 on my PC.

    We cant seem to get some scripts/tools working in the 11.5 version.

    could this be cuase we have both installed even thoy we are running compatability mode?

    I have to add it is tools created by someone else, so non standerd to VW, but it does work, just not on mine.

    All comments and ideas Welcome

    Thank you.

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