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  1. Form Team: Thank you all for the great information! The one issue that does seem to stick out is the graphics card business and the screen output vs images or plots. The quality associated with anti-aliasing is new to me. Presentaion quality needs to be addresses, esp if I'm going to use RenderWorks (options?). If we assume RW, should I then only use a computer with an NVIDIA card (model?) to get the best display and output quality? I like the idea a laptop's mobility for client communications, and would consider the MAC because of usability, but my MAC store says that only ATI cards are avail in MAC laptops (an odd history I'm sure). In addition a VW tech support's FAQ describes the unresolved ATI anti-aliasing issues. Yes, I do need a new computer (Pack. Bell. P-II/Win95). It old, runs on soft coal but works great. I think VW+Land+Render is a bit too much load.[Peter Cipes - I'll check for your email].
  2. I'm putting together a business plan to open a landscape design office as a sole proprietor. The VW software sounds great. I've not yet acquired software (e.g. VW Landmark + Render) nor a new computer (MAC or Microsoft based?) or printer. My goal is to use the technology as a design tool. I'm not looking for a hardware and software admin. certification...ha! I've been reading the posts about the new version issues (e.g. ATI cards & OpenGL , MAC OS vs XP/VISTA). It can make a person's head spin at times. So, what's a good decision path for me? Is my best bet to: 1)find a VW vendor (where?) and let them handle the all the technology planning details OR 2)fall back on my local MAC store or workstation vendor (HP?) OR is there some other option? I'm in Eugene, Oregon USA (GO DUCKS!). I know it sounds crazy but total system usability (hardware+software+user) is important to me. I view this acquisition as an investment not a just purchase. Thanks Forum Members!
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