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  1. On a Mac laptop? If so, close the lid, then open it again…
  2. Thanks, @Gunther, for the lid close/open temporary solution. Remarkably, it worked for a customer of ours just now. ------- And now, Feb. 14 for customer #2 with the same problem/temporary solution.
  3. This has been reported to Vectorworks, Inc. as a bug and we're hoping for a fix in the next Service Pack.
  4. Hello @alangedrag -- I believe that the Elevation Benchmark tool does what you need. I've used it in all my sections (made with the Create Section Elevation command) and elevations (made with the Create Viewport command) for quite some time. I usually place the benchmarks in the Annotations space of the viewport. NOTE: When using in a viewport, set "Elevation Display" to “Y value relative to reference elevation” to read correct Design Layer Z-heights relative to the ground plane (leaving the benchmark's Reference Elevation at 0). Elevation Benchmarks can also placed directly in the Design Layer model, and viewed in both sections, elevations and in perspectives, if you wish. Any point in 3D space can be snapped to, but it can be challenging to orient the benchmark on the 3D plane you want. Still, once you've got one on the plane you want (usually a verticle plane) using the Move by Points tool in a 3D view, snapping to various heights established in the model can be very effective and quick. NOTE: When using Elevation Benchmarks to dimension heights in the model, on a Design Layer, set the benchmark's "Elevation Display" to “Z value relative to ground plane” to read correct Design Layer Z-heights relative to the ground plane. Alternatively, you can use “Z value relative to reference elevation," adding a Reference Elevation value as needed (this you might want to do if the benchmark is placed on a Design Layer which does not itself have a Z value equal to that of the ground plane). Lots of words for a tool that really is rather simple to use!
  5. When I look at the problem area in Top view, Orthangonal, I see that your site model does not actually extend out beyond the path of the landscape area. Even though your site model crop extends beyond the landscape area path, you don't have enough site model source data. I believe that if you extend the source data beyond the landscape area path, the landscape area will work as expected.
  6. Mixing pro and edu files is a no-no, afaik.
  7. Scott Campbell

    Solibri Direct

    Thanks, Juan! Good info!! (and even better functionality!)
  8. @ida I have submitted a request to Vectorworks, Inc. for returning this functionality to the OI-palette.
  9. @JuanP Is the "free downloadable 30-day trial" for Vision the same as running Vision in demo mode? Thanks! Scott
  10. @ida You might just want to this wish list item your upvote! I did!
  11. @Magnus Mikaelsen Thanks for asking about this… I tested the Duplicate along path command in v2020 SP1 and got the crash you described. It is my understanding that this is a known bug and that it will be fixed in a service pack release coming to your neighborhood very soon! Scott
  12. As of Vectorworks 2018 and full Unicode compliance, this is no longer an issue!
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