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  1. Thanks everbody for your help and advice. I'll be placing my order today.
  2. I called the sales department today. I was given a price of $420 to upgrade because my version of the software was older than Version 9. Is this a good price? Can I do better?
  3. I've got a MacBook Pro (Intel) and need to purchase CAD Software. Many years ago I purchased MiniCAD 7 and it did everything I needed. Anyhow, when I purchased my new computer, I discovered that I can't run Classic Applications so I'll need to buy new software. I'm a small roofing contractor and use the software to draw my roof diagrams and flashing details. I've experimented with a number of inferior programs that don't have the features I need. Some of the features I would like include: dimensioning & scaling tools Ability to add and clip surfaces Which version of the software should I purchase? Can I purchase an upgrade or do I need to buy the full program? (MiniCAD 7 had all the features I needed so I never upgraded.) Thanks for any advice you might have. Jeff
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