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  1. I don't know if this will help you but it helped us and it sounds like we had the same problem. We also have a HP Designjet 130, are on a Mac OS X version 10.4.10, VW version 12.5.2. We found help thru the HP Business Support Center on line, under HP Designjet 130 Printer series. Here are some key words to find it (I'm not too computer savvy but am reading off the printed sheet in my file); HP Designjet MAC Printer Driver (MAC OSX Server not supported). type: Driver; version: 4.1 (31 Jul 2006); Operating System(s): Mac OS X; File name: Mac_OS_X_Designjet_Installer.dmg (47MB) After this fix, we have had no more problems. Hope it helps.
  2. I'm sure you've tried this but try setting the Callout Preferences (the box to the right of the callout choices, that has a black and a white dot in it) "Shoulder Length" to something much larger than the 10mm (which is very small to begin with). If it now becomes visible, maybe the 10mm is just too small. If it doesn't change, than I'm just as stuck as you are...
  3. Hi Donald Ward-thank you for your kind words, but I did contact tech support. I sent the file over to Katie and it worked fine for her. So I had to dig deeper. Besides, I also contacted someone on the phone and she said some things I'm having problems with are training issues, and that I would have to pay for that. Thanks again though!
  4. It's working now, with no change on my part. I guess it was a hiccup. Thanks.
  5. JGraber- when you created the reports, did you check the "Summarize by" either botanical name, or common name? If so, it should list them once on the plant list, and tally the number of them together. If you didn't, I believe you can modify your lists by dragging the SUM icon on the column of the plants (either botanical or common name, or whatever else you have them listed as...)
  6. dspearman, re. post#90176. Thanks so much for the clear, step by step instructions on getting my plants into a library! I've created my own default library for our plants, and am in the process getting them into it. I've read and re-read the how-to's but always seem to miss something in translation, making the job harder than it really is. Plus, I'm not all that computer savvy, nor do I want to be so this is a big help! Thanks!
  7. VW 12.5.2 Mac OS X v.10.4.10 I tried to add it...how do I do it? It asked me all sorts of questions in order to do this.
  8. I want to save my new plants I've created in the library. I followed the instructions given in the VectorWorks Landmark Training Workbook (pg 195) and it was pretty straight forward. I opened the Plant Symbols.mcd drawing and put them there, as per the workbook. I created one plant for now, and it does show up in the database portion of the Place Plant tool (ie, below the light grey line, below the plants in the Res Brow section). I am able to place this plant on the dwg with the Place Plant tool. This is all great, since I now can make any edits to it here and it will stay consistent throughout my dwgs. However, when I select it to modify it thru the Plant Data (to change the Category), by clicking Edit Current in the Place Plant tool, it isn't there. When I look for it under AEC >Plants >Plant Reference Database it doesn't show up there either. Why? I thought this was the library?
  9. dspearman-when I go to the Res Brow and I right-click on the plant symbol, I do not get the option for 'export'. In fact, I don't get the export command on anything in my Res Brow. Are we in the same place? I do want to put all of my plants that I've created in the Res Brow into a library of some kind so am trying to do that now. Thanks.
  10. dspearman-since I haven't been using the Plant Ref Database to create new plants, and I know that that is where the Category is, and I know that when you place a plant on the dwg, that that is an instance with data attached to it, I'm trying to edit that data for the plants in the Res Brow, not the database. And yes, I understand that I can change each symbol's Category in the Plant Data tab and that it affects only that instance on the dwg. That's my problem...I don't just want to change the instance, but I want to change all of the symbols' Categories in the Symbols/Plug-in Objects folder. You mentioned "in your library file"...how to I get to that? How can I export them to the "plant library"? Thanks
  11. Petri-I don't understand your first statement. Could you please elaborate a bit? Also, I just don't like to use the Plant Database because I waste WAY too much time trying to use it for what I need it for. I guess for my template dwg, I'll just have to recreate my already-created plants as I go. A couple of dozen at a time during lunch won't be so bad...but it's a shame that no software engineer at NNA can't add a line of code for this to work for us.
  12. Cruisinlong-that did it. Thanks!
  13. Cruisinlong-I see how to physically add columns/rows, but how do you link them to plants' data? I typed in <=('Plantlist'.'Scheduled Size')> in the formula cell of the database header, but it comes up zero...it isn't linked to the plants just be adding a column.
  14. Darick, thank you for asking! It would be wonderful if someone could link the two/three "databases" of plants; the Plant Reference Database, Object Info, and the Resource Browser plants (if that's what I'd call them) so that there was some consistency in the verbage, at least. On one there is an ID, the other has a CODE, neither of them work in the other. On one it's called "Name", on the other it's called "Plantlist Name". Plantlist Name is not the same as Plantlist Category, yet when you look at one, you get one label for it, and it's different in the other. The whole Plants part of this software is what I really wanted to use in-depth, yet it is so cumbersome to use, and almost impossible to try to figure out. I'm convinced that whoever designed the Plant Database portion, never consulted with the one who worked with the Res Brow or the Obj Info portions, nor proofed it after the design, with anyone who was going to use it.
  15. I have created 168 specific plants, they are in my Resource Browser and they are working out great. I have also just figured out how to create my Plant Lists to read in sections such as Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, all on one worksheet and on one plant list on my dwg. Great. But this means I now must modify all of my new plants' "Category" field since that is what I set my criteria on (trees, shrubs, perennials) and I haven't been filling those in as I went along. I'm finding that there is no easy way to do this. I don't want my new plants to go into the plant database because then I won't have the ID's to query off (you'll notice that in the Plant Ref Database, there are no ID fields, just a CODE field which you can't fill in in the New Plant dialog box of Set Default Plant Tool Option because there isn't one there). The only way I can see to edit my Category fields is to open my template dwg (where all of my plants 'live'), place each plant individually onto the dwg so that I can access the "Plant Category" over in the Obj Info palette, (under the Data tab), change the Category to read tree, shrub, perennial, etc. Then after doing this with ALL 168 plants, how can I get the system to save this change? I've tried saving the dwg as a template with the plants (I tried with just one) on it so that the new info would be saved, then opened a new blank dwg, deleted this plant, then placed a new one of the same plant back onto the dwg to see if the new info would stay with that plant but it didn't, of course, because the Obj Info is only linked to the plant that is on the. Is there a way??? In a nutshell, I just want to edit my Category field for all of my plants in my Resource Browser!! I'm using VW 12.5.2; Mac OS X ver.10.4.10.


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