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  1. for instance, if I have an existing lighting symbol that is being demolished, then I want to show it dashed, but I should be able to use the same symbol as a solid line if I want it retained.

    When doing office layouts showing workstations, I need to show a proposed layout, but also show potential for future growth on a floor plan, i want to be able to use the same workstation symbol, but have it a different colour to identify future growth. Currently, I have to duplicate the same symbol, edit the symbol and change its class.

    That is why I want to be able to use the same symbol that will take on the attributes of different classes rather than creating two symbols that are the same but just different class allocations.

  2. Is there a function in VW which allows symbols to take on the attributes of a different class than what it was created in originally?

    In ACAD, if you create a block (symbol) in layer 0 and then place it to a destination layer, the block will take on the attributes of the destination layer.

    Is there a similar function in VW? I have tried with class none, but it doesn't operate the same way.

    Would be useful for many different things so I don't have to draw multiples of one object.

  3. have you checked the delta Z heights of your walls? Did you change the Z height of the layers after you drew the walls? I believe that once walls are drawn within the parameters of the layer Z heights they remain that height, I don't think they are associative and therefore need to be manually updated.

  4. We draw our plans as 'master' files, first the exist prop, prop plan, RFC etc as seperate files. We then reference these master files to form our architectural sheet. I.e. AR100 dwg no is our proposed plan sheet which will have the exist plan, proposed plan and RFC referenced into it. The geometry showing the ceiling bulkhead will have a class attribute of a dashed line, snd when it is refernced into the RFC sheet, we change the class attribute to make it solid.

    When we have seperate sheets for prop plan and RFC then this method is fine, but if we create a sheet that has both the prop plan and the prop RFC (seperate viewports side by side), then within that file the class attribute has to be one way of the other, I can't have both.

    Of course if I can put both a plan and RFC on one sheet then it is a very small job and therefore fiddling with geometry shouldn't be a problem. I have only used this as an example but there are many other instances where I wish I could have unique class attributes for that particular viewport.

  5. When using viewports on a sheet and using the object info to determine which layer is on or off and the same with classes, is there anyway to change the class attributes for that particular viewport? I.e, on one sheet, maybe I want to show a General plan and a RFC. On the generl plan, my ceiling outline is shown dashed indicating ceiling bulkhead over, but on the RFC it is solid. No problems when sheets are seperate, but when combined unless I have two sets of identical geometry assigned to different classes I can't see how it can be done.

    Is this possible?

  6. we have this problem too. Our solution (probably very basic) is to create our standard symbol files (blank apart from the symbols) and reference them into our 'master' files. Once they are in we use them as normal, but if we need to change, we know where to find them. Therefore for each project, we don't have hundreds of independent symbols (we document in seperate master files and then combine to create our architectural sheets which are then annotated).

  7. After being away from VW for about 3 yrs (different firm, different software,went to the dark side)But am now back using VW which I love. My core projects are designing hospitality venues and as such need to do a lot of seating layouts with tables etc.

    My question is;

    VW11 has the table and chair tool which initially is great allowing you to input no of chairs, size of table etc, but I don't know how to get the data into a schedule. The plug-in object is not at all like the door and window tools which allow the information contained to be placed on a schedule with simple check of a box. Am I missing something?

    I like the ease of this tool, but if I can't use it beyond representing a table layout on plan, i will go back to using my own table and chair symbols and attaching a record to these symbols.

  8. have created a furniture tag linked to the loose furniture record (only 3 values at the moment)

    Type ? Chair or table

    ID- no

    Option ? i.e. Same chair different upholstery etc

    I intend to use this tag for a few different reasons, the initial to identify loose furniture and then count them

    Up until this stage, it works, but as soon as I go to create a quantity schedule, that?s when the problems start.

    Rather than narrowing the search with this string


    It expands the search

    Is there anyway of using the select criteria to narrow the search?

    I would be most grateful if you could answer my question.

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