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    VW 8/Mac OS X

    Sounds like a good idea except.... I'm using VW 8 for mechanical, landscaping and architectural work. I'm told that by upgrading to VW9, I'd have to buy separate software packages, which is unfortunately out of the budget. So I plod along with VW8 and Renderworks. If you have an upgrade for me to run all three for an affordable price, I'll consider it.
  2. I couldn't find anuthing in the FAQs or discussion archives.... Does VW 8 run under Mac OS X?
  3. thanks - I'm not having any luck with extrude along path command. If there's a FAQ or someguidance I'm all ears... However, I did figure out a method of creating my curved molding by sweeping the profile then rotating it 90 degrees and trimming it to length
  4. Hello all, I'm running VW9 I am trying to extrude a 2-D molding profile along a curve (as in a doorway arch). My problem is I can't orient the 2-D surface perpendicular to the path I want to sweep. How do I extrude my 2-D profile along a curve into the page instead of straight back? Art
  5. I'm running vectorworks/renderworks v8.5.1 on a Mac G3/350 with 1 mB RAM. I'm designing a kitchen Rendering the finished kitchen in renderworks is fine on the screen. However, any attempt to output the rendered image to either my printer, plotter, or electronically to a .jpg, .bmp. etc, gives me a blank sheet. The 2-D geometry prints or exports just fine, but the rendered image disappears Any suggestions?
  6. I'm running VW on a Mac G3/350 OS 8.5.1 I started getting 'low on memory' and 'increase partition size' messages while doing even simple rendering of a two story house (800+K file). Figuring it was a RAM issue (the machine had 64 MB of RAM) I installed 1 gig of RAM and yet I'm still getting the same messages. The only way to render is to quit the file and reload. I can then render for a short while until the messages pop up again. I've maxed out the memory fields in the Mac OS control panel and even dreated RAM disks on the desktop to no avail. Any suggestions? ------------------


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