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  1. iPad is restricted by iTunes and its software... a pity, i guess... Would have been better to make it a stand alone pad... so any one can install what they want.... and no multitasking... bummer Robert
  2. Work with VW 12 and was asked may times why not draw plans with walls... my answer: you get a hybrid drawing and symbols will insert in wall (like toilets) when not wanted. I draw walls just with rectangles and ploygons and add surface them together. More people have reasons not to draw with the wall tool in VW 12? Robert
  3. Well, setting aside when-it-is-an-oval-and--- discussion: Still the problem remains when the offsettool is used on a rotated oval, i will not get a smaller rotated oval but a polyline (some are bezier, some are spline based) with a wierd shape. So why is this? And using values is nice, but needs calculation.... Anyone from Nemetschek?? Robert
  4. When i try to offset an ellips (made by ellipse by box tool) which has been rotated, it seems the duplicate is not excact a smaller version of the original.... it looks like an alien....how to overcome? Robert
  5. Well we draw in 2d, like technical drawings. So when 3d locus is placed in this drawing it becomes a 3d drawing. The fact is that some people here at my office do not understand when a view is in isometric the drawing dissapears (a floorplan as a symbol, and in this symbol an other symbol is deleted from library, this symbol becomes a 3d symbol due to a 3d locus)
  6. Thanks for the ideas/ input. What my point is here, is that the drawing becomes a hybride one: 2d/3d. One can ask himself : is that what i want? Robert
  7. Anyone ever has noticed that when deleting a (used) symbol from the library there is a 3d locus placed there where once this symbol used to be in the drawing? We work with VW version 12,5,3 on a mac. Is there a reason for this? Or is this a bug? Robert
  8. If in a symbol chain dims are present, after imported the symbol into an other document, the chain dims are disappeared. (I checked Classe visibility) Version 12.5.0 Any ideas? (beside ungrouping to normal dims) Robert
  9. Anyone have noticed the difference between printing patterns on a Xante accel-a-writer 4N with Quarts (an Quarts imaging) enabled and disabled? With Quarts enabled patterns become inversed (black dots will be white, whits space will be black) Is it a bug? Robert VW 12.1.0, G5 macos 10.4
  10. Hi all! I have several viewports which i would like to export as epsf or as pdf format. seems that the size of those files are very big... so other people can not work with it in, let say, Illustrator. Is there a way to "explode" viewports, so all that is left are some ploygons and lines? Any tip how to reduse filesize?? (the exported filesize) Robert
  11. sphere3d


    hmm i do not recall that this is possible...
  12. I mean, i used this "wall" insertion feature... i thought u meant that at first... But, indeed upper right corner will also work, hahahaa Robert
  13. maybe Katie could attach this picture of mine, i can not see how to do this, other than creating a link to a webpage... BTW thanks Katie for your reply, did not see this worked for "normal" symbols too :-)
  14. We have a VW script for selecting Dimensions by KIND. Nou with the new chain dimensions i would like to select them too, with the same script. BUT it seems chain dims is a plug-in object, and has no unique number, is it?? So how do i select a chain dim by KIND, or do i need to rewrite my script? (i know one can select by Class) Thanks Robert
  15. Indeed, you are correct. In architecture, brick symbols have their insertion point at the upper or lower edge, due to placing requirements in the drawing. Sometimes bricks are placed from left to right, and all goes well. But when this symbols is place from rifht to left, it appears bolow the insertion point, cause one had to rotate during the placment. So it looked to me a nice feature, to use a key, to flip this brick on its place, when placing it in the drawing....sorry for my english....i hope you understand my story. Robert
  16. I freqeuntly encounter the fact that when placing a symbol, i rotate it 180 degrees, AND i want to flip it vertical... So could there be an (with a command key or alt key) possibility to do so in the future?? (like aligning double lines, right or middle or left with the command key or mode bar keys..) Robert
  17. NNA should give an option here, as they have VW running all over the globe :-) (same with more of these issues, i guess) robert
  18. Have you already tried it? Did it work or did you lose the composite drawing? Robert
  19. We use dates in filenaming, like 305 floorplan 070125.mcd That is to use the latest version available when more designer are working at the same project. BUT when one has a reference file, the problem is one has to assign the ref file again every day, as its name will change due to the new date... How do you people do this at an architectural office??? Please elaborate... robert
  20. I have same problem....some lines need an extra tab-space to get text aligned I thus use two text fields and align them later..... Hope this helps for now robert
  21. 4 seperate buildings (with 4 stories) in a square... so 4 files and each file containing 4 layers (one floor on one layer, and classes for seperate building items), so each floor plan aligns with the floor above....now, these files i want in an overall view, so again 4 layers containing the 4 builing floor plans... (as it will be the urban plan) as more designer are working on this project, it would be great to: 1- have all symbols as reference ; how do i proceed?? 2- all seperate plan will be inserted in urban plan: so how do i proceed That is what is needed... thanks again Robert
  22. I desperately would like to DRAG symbols to their symbolfolder, like in mac os. The move command is irritating, cause i do not want to end up in the folder i moved the objects to....so when i have lots of symbols i would like to organize in one sequense Thanks Robert
  23. Indeed, that would be really great!!! We use lots of drawings that we need again, or when making presatation, we want to merge some seperate files..... Robert
  24. I work at an architectural office, and i am wondering how to split project between more than one designer. I am familiar with workgoup reference, as in that there already is one drawing, and this one i split into 2, 3 or 4 files and keep the first as reference (mostly for symbols) Now i have a big project containing of 4 slabs (with 4 floors each) in a square, and maybe you already guessed, i would like to make 4 seperate files, and one file in which all 4 slabs are together in areal context. But all slabs are rotated, so they will be symbols. How do i set up this project easily so designers (VW users) will understand how it works, but moreover please give me a way to get those slabs at an 90 degree angle (for drawing purpose) but when referenced, they are exactly in position. Do i use symbol reference, layer reference?? thanks Robert
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