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  1. Sorry for the question which I am sure has come out many times. We just recently adopted VW 12 Architect, Windows. Has anybody succesfully employed VW 3D views and modeling for small residential CD without ending separating the CD files from the 3D model and not use the latter just for presentation? I am talking about the time that seems required adding/ modifying detail-info to sections and elevations and drawing custom-complex roofs for example. In other words, can it be used sort of a la Revit? I am not being critical and I love VW 3D for presentations and fun.., just trying to understand if the 2 worlds (fun and duties)can unite. Thank you
  2. In users' opinion, are the VW templates that come with the program flexible enough for setting up a residential project or you guys find it better to create your own templates from scratch? (demo sheets and associated dashed lines, framing plan etc?) Windows, VW Architect 12,5, Thank you!
  3. Greeting. Is there a way to control the shade of the gray color in "gray others" in the layer visibility? VW 12.5 Architect- PC Thank you
  4. I see. She also tried placing the doors using the door tool, but they end up being forced onto the "sill" class. And she can't change their class Afterward.Any way to override that? Thank you!
  5. Greetings, A friend of mine updated to 12.5.1 on the latest MAC OS. Now all the doors she inserts come with a huge number of alphanumerical classes nested within and they don't pick up the active class. I am a PC users so I don't know much more about this issue. Any suggestion? Thank you!
  6. Tabs are tabs. Drawing type doesn't matter. Hardware/software doesn't matter. Sorry for typing test instead of text, even though usually tabs go with text and therefore the tech person helped me out. Have a relaxing day Cipesdesign.
  7. Thank you Katie, always helpful
  8. Hi, I am new to version 12. I noticed that when I put tabs in my test, they show up as circles and they print. How can I eliminate this? Thank you


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