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  1. Hi There, I ran into the same problem. the real fix would be if the developers started storing registration info in the system prferences folder and had the program look there, as opposed to the local users preferences. But I digress.. my solution was this : I copied the preferences file into a hidden folder on the drive (/etc to be exact). I used a program called login window manager (www.bombich.com) to enable a login script for each user that logs into the mac. I placed the following login script into my /etc script, called login.sh: #--- begin login.sh --- #!/bin/sh #Copies the VectorWorks registration Preferences into the local folder cp /etc/VectorWorks\ 12\ Prefs /Users/$1/Library/Preferences/ chmod a=rw /Users/$1/Library/Preferences/VectorWorks\ 12\ Prefs #--- end login.sh --- the first line copies the file, the second line applies permissions. don't forget to set the script rwx for everyone chmod 777 login.sh Please let me know if you need further clarification
  2. Hello, In my school district we are currently running Vectorworks 11.5.1 on Intel iMacs in a multi-user environment. I had to write a custom login script that copies the VW preference files with the HASP key, etc. to the current users local preferences so that VW doesn't have a cow when another user tries to execute the program. Does anyone know if Vectorworks 12.5.1 addresses the issue, and have they properly developed the newer versions to work in a multi-user environment? I have just ordered the upgrade for the entire lab, and I will have to update the current image. I'd like to know what I'm in for ahead of time. Thanks for your time. -Matt


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