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  1. I am studying sections of a home in a Design Layer & would like to rotate the view of the Plan Layer below. . . I have rotated using the Rotate Working Plane command but I am trying to rotate everything. . . Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  2. P Retondo - I am also using the live section as an underlay on which I draw to get decent line weights. . . Is there a way to turn off the lines under the new drawing? (ps "M" stands for Modeling not Management - design & documentation etc are not to be thought of a discrete. . . )
  3. What is the best way to model a complicated ceiling? (or for that matter casework, custom furniture, etc). I am having trouble locating objects precisely on the z axis. The only way I can get a z coordinate is to change my 3d object into a symbol - then I must locate the symbol in plan first before I change its z position? When I move and snap in an iso view the object is in wrong location in the plan. My goal is accuracy in my sections and to get a model that I can render. . . RCP-I plan to turn the 3d geometry off and use lines on my RCP design layer. . . THANKS 12.5.1 OSX.4.9
  4. !!!!! I am sorry for my slowness, but. . . the VW help reads "The Cut 3D Section command cuts a 3D section, or slice, through a 3D model while leaving the model intact. The slice is placed on a new design layer." This is exactly what I want - I want to add line work to the section in a design layer - but: 1. I can not find the "cut 3d (2d) section" I can find the "view/create section viewport" is this the same thing? but where is the 2d. . . 2. When I use the "create section viewport" it puts the slice on a sheet layer - that I can choose - but not on a design layer as described above (from the VW help)
  5. sorry im using VW 12..5.1 Architect w/ renderworks on a mac os X v.10.4.9 w/ 2 dual-core intel xenons & 2 gb ram
  6. . . . i am trying to cut the fancy live sections in my not so fancy model. . . i select the model in the design layer then go to the "model" pull down menu where i thought i would find the "cut 3d (2d) section" - but it is not there??? please help. . . and i was planning on using the new sections/elevations that are created to draw 2d lines showing the interior details
  7. I have a 2 story hotel where each floor is a separate file. I want to combine the files/models to make exporting to artlantis simpler and to view both levels in VW. . . Can this be done simply? I want to keep all the layers and sheet that are set up. . . Also, is there a "live elevation" in VW12? I have tons of interior elevations and cutting sections to view the elevations seems like it would make the drawing very cluttered. !!!!!
  8. Hello, I am new to VW 12.5. I am trying use the BIM approach to a project and I am having tons of question. For example: *Can you draw/design in a 3D view? *The Dims in the 3D view are different - even using the ruler. How do you measure stuff in a 3D view *I have a 12' wall that I must put an arch into. How do I draw the arch that I want to cut through the wall? Do you use the "protrusion/cutout tool? *Can more than one person work on the same model at the same time? *and on and on and on and on and on Thanks for any enlightenment!
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