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  1. AND, you can render 360 panoramas which you can share with your clients via the cloud.
  2. And don't forget, if you are a Vectorworks Service Select customer, you have access to the Cloud Presentations feature. If your model is 3D, you can create a vgx file which your client can navigate in a browser.
  3. Hi Anna There are lovely new features in 2020, which mean that you will see different functionality to the version that @unearthed is using (although thanks for your help @unearthed!) Actually, your question is timely... I ran a webinar on this just last week, and I hope you will find it useful. You can access it within Vectorworks University, here. Enjoy!
  4. For anyone experiencing this problem, I am told there was an issue with libraries when SP3 was first released, but if you do the following: Open the Resource Manager Click the cog icon Choose Refresh Libraries This should resolve the problem.
  5. No problem at all! The recording is here: Vectorworks 2020 GIS Webinar from the UK Enjoy.
  6. We use Zoom - it's keeping the UK team going!
  7. So, only a few business hours have passed since the webinar ran, but I can assure you that it's on the team's agenda for today. We'll do our best to get it done.
  8. However, if you click on the gearwheel icon on the Resource Manager and choose Refresh Libraries, you should be able to access the content without having to first download through the Package Manager.
  9. I have filed a bug report for this.
  10. Hi Pat. There was a problem. The first step should be to go to the Resource Manager and click the cog icon. Then choose Refresh Libraries. BUT, I'm finding that it's still an issue, although the issue has changed slightly. I have filed a bug. VB-169046 (internal reference).
  11. Agreed. Turn off the clip cube and the model will display. I suspect the geometry is outside the bounds of the clip cube.
  12. Do you have Site Modifiers applied to the hardscape? If so, try View > Show > Show or Hide Site Modifiers. Or, in your viewport, hide the class Site-DTM-Modifier. This will not prevent the modifiers from doing their job, but will hide the red outline you are seeing. Good luck.
  13. In case others are following this thread: If you have an E-series licence (internet activated), you can install the licence on a laptop and work at home. If you have a G-series licence, (Site protection Server managed), you can check out the licence for 30 days. Details can be found in this article in Vectorworks Help: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FSiteProtection%2FBorrowing_and_Returning_a_Vectorworks_License.htm%23XREF_20212_Borrowing_and&rhsearch=check out license&rhsyns=
  14. Morning Tim. Thanks for the extra information. I don't know why it's worked fine on the office computer - but it's great that it has! My recommendation regarding service packs was just that it would have a series of bug-fixes included. Each year, we release a number of service packs throughout the life of a release. The latest will include the latest fixes. But it's not essential. Can you send me a PM with the best number to call you on and I'll give you a call now.
  15. Hi Timothy Yes, we're all preparing for some time at home I think! Please see this article for information on operating system compatibility. (I note from this that 2013 is not actually compatible with your work desktop - but will be with your Home Laptop). Also, you should probably install the latest service pack for 2013 too. If your licence number starts with an E, you will be able to just install it on your home computer. Can I suggest you give the UK office a call in the morning - 01635 580318 - and then we can help you with the serial number and download link.
  16. This guide in Vectorworks University may help you: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=142&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=284
  17. A great place to brush up your skills is Vectorworks University. It's free and has additional content for Vectorworks Service Select subscribers. Login with your Service Select login, or it's free to create a separate account (but then you won't see the Service Select stuff).
  18. And don't forget to update your site model! The texture beds won't update until the site is updated.
  19. Hi You can apply for academic licences here: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-GB/education I hope that helps.
  20. Hi Lisa You do have the Export Web View, together with the Export Panorama, under the Export menu. Both of these options can be processed on Vectorworks Cloud Services, and then shared with your client via a web link/QR code. They will be able to open this on a browser/mobile device/VR headset, without requiring any special software at all. The Panorama option can use any Renderworks style. These cloud options are available to customers with an active Vectorworks Service Select contract.
  21. Type Stone Mix in the Resource Manager. I've used those to represent gravel.
  22. I'll be announcing the link to my upcoming webinar today, but to those who have asked for a tutorial, I'd like to point you towards this webinar which was run by my colleagues in the US, and can be found in Vectorworks University.
  23. And... the other advantage of using 3D polys as modifiers, particularly for curves, is that you can run Simplify 3D polys on them, to reduce the vertex count and avoid creating an unnecessarily complex site model which takes forever to calculate.


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