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  1. Thanks very much! I'll give it a try. I appreciate your help.
  2. Many thanks - you are quite right it can be done the way you suggest and I agree that is the best - but I am teaching a course tomorrow and someone is bound to ask me HOW to use that tool when they see it on the Palette! I just couldn't get it to work - thanks for your help. The documentation isn't clear that the first symbol needs to be already inserted.
  3. Hi Yes - I do have Renderworks. The Object type is Hardscape in OIP. I have set a solid fill and yes, the selected colour does show up when I view in 3D, but I want to make it look better... I can set a render on the Render Tab in the OIP, but it makes no difference when displaying the object. Thanks for your help!
  4. Many thanks - I appreciate your help. I can understand this and it all makes sense. But how to achieve it? I set a render within the OIP. I have no fill set in the attributes palette. I look at the hardscape in 3D, and choose ANY of the View/Render options, but still - grey. I must be doing something silly. Any pointers gratefully received! Thanks Tamsin
  5. Am I right in thinking that I can't set a render for a hardscape in 3D, other than a solid fill? I am creating a pad, but unable to use the textures that I use on the rest of the 3D drawing. It just continues to stare at me in bland greyness. Thanks!
  6. I am trying to duplicate a symbol along a wall in order to create a panel fence with posts... I make the symbol active in the resource browser, select the tool, set up the preferences (using offset and repeat values to replicate my fence panel lengths). I follow the instructions to click on the wall - the manual tells me that a preview of my symbol should appear, but it doesn't. I then follow the instructions to drag in the direction of the duplication. Nothing happens. I have tried clicking and that just changes the prompt to Click on a Wall. Clearly doing something silly, but if anyone could explain where I am going wrong I would be eternally grateful. Thanks T
  7. I'd appreciate a hint on this too... Can anyone help? I am changing the render via the Object Info Palette, but it has no effect on the 3D view of the model.
  8. Thanks Jonathan Any brilliant suggestions on rendering hardscape objects in 3D views? Anything set in 2D seems to vanish. Unlike wall objects which can have textures applied in 3D views, hardscapes seem to just sit there and stare at me in bland greyness.. I'd be grateful for any suggestions - even if it's just "RTFM". Thanks
  9. Hmm- I've come into this a little late - but it seems to me that the answer has to be to retain the underlying polygon... You can dimension this and then copy all of the underlying polys onto a new layer for your setting out plan. Me - I'm struggling with rendering hardscape once it in is in 3D mode... Tamsin
  10. Aha! I think I just stumbled on the solution to the angles... Are you using the shift key to try to constrain the angle? I was and it doesn't work. HOWEVER, if you have constraints set to ON in the palette, then use the resize cursor on the joint of the leader line, you can watch for the SmartCursor Cues and they seem to work for me. However,the Tag Class is the bit to work on for line thickness etc.
  11. This helps with line weight etc. But is there a way to constrain the angle of the leader on the plant tag. Using the shift key, there is a class set up which is applied, the angle contraint setting is on in the constraints palette. The SmartCues don't seem to relate to the angle that results with the leader.
  12. This is exactly the question I was about to ask... Any ideas gratefully received! I can see leaders, and even try to follow the SmartCues - but it just doesn't seem to do it. Please can you help us?


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